"KHill's Mind" is a blog straight from the heart, and well... mind of Kevin Hill, the admin, owner, everything else of the UWL Interfed. These blogs are USUALLY non-efed related, but ya never know. If it's on KHill's Mind, then you will see a blog about it. KHill spews off his opinions and feelings about the topic, disregarding the opinions and feelings of others. The opinions expressed in this blog are not the opinions of the United Wrestling League, or any of its affiliates.

Death To Twitter
Written by: Kevin Hill

My First Memories of Pro Wrestling
Written by: Kevin Hill

Attitude Era vs PG Era
Written by: Kevin Hill

This blog is once again, written by Kevin Hill, and is more efedding related. More specifically, Kevin Hill's pet peeves in efedding. He's been in this hobby for well over a decade, and has been in several 'circles' and has seen many things go down. Hope you don't get offended when he describes you, or something you do in this blog.

Pet Peeves part 1 - Missing Generic
Written by: Kevin Hill

Misty's "Defying Logical Advice"
Misty is not affiliated with the UWL. She is a fellow efedder, who got started back in 1999. She is an occasional blogger for Roughkut. Not all of her blogs are dubbed "Defying Logical Advce" but all of her blogs will be listed here. We have decided to share these blogs with you on the site. Enjoy!

Stay The Course
Written by: Misty

World Building Is Just As Important As Character Building
Written by: Misty