In Memory of Mike Graham

September 20, 1951 - October 19, 2012

[The new P.W. Syndicated logo appears on a black screen. It is an old school Television. The television turns on, and "P.W. Syndicated" illuminates on the television.]

[Black screen...]

[Redlight King's "Comeback" begins playing as the UWL Wrestlefest video package can be seen. The quiet intro blasts into the main part of the song, as the video picks up the pace.]

Many times I've walked the line
I've rolled the dice and questioned my life
Many times I sacrificed and dealt with the pain

[Shots of the press conference, where UWL President, Kevin Hill announces the opening of the United Wrestling League.]

I've been down this road before
Where the dead ends are
It rains and it pours

[The news break where Wrestlefest is announced...]

I've been down below and
It's the price that I paid

[The main event of Wrestlefest is announced. Images of James Silkk, Damien Vincent, and Elijah Black appear one by one.]

I know how it feels when you have to start again
Now there's no one to save me
I know how it feels when the world is gonna end
But they'll see

[Images of several wrestlers pan through: Leon Corella, Jessica Harmony, Pat Gordon, Best of British, Ryan Kidd, Real Xtreme, Ryu Kanata... The chorus of 'Comeback' hits as we see highlights from Elijah Black, James Silkk, and Damien Vincent...]

I'm gonna make a comeback
I'm gonna dig six feet up tonight
I'm gonna get it all back
I'm gonna make a comeback this time

[The music slows to the second verse. More wrestlers are shown: Eastern Uproars, Hale Collins, Adam Stryker, Werewolf Gregorson, Gunner Hughes, Mike Bisignano, Jason Aries...]

Look into my eyes you'll see
A graveyard filled with dirt and defeat
Look into my eyes you'll see

[Images of the WBSW Heavyweight Champion, Hale Collins winning the title over Invertigo. Then shots of Gunner Hughes going through everyone in WBSW to become #1 contender.]

The weight on my soul
Where the fallen angels sleep
The crooked hearts and the crossroads meet
Where the haters say my name
And carve it in stone

[Shots of Werewolf Gregorson. The announcement of the TSWF match. Mike Bisignano appears.]

I know how it feels when I haven't got a friend
Even when they're standin' beside me
I know how it feels when the world is gonna end
But they'll see

[Shots of the UWL Tag Team, International, and Patriot Heavyweight Titles. Finally, it stops of the UWL World Heavyweight Title, and the three men that will wage war for it tonight...]

I'm gonna make a comeback
I'm gonna dig six feet up tonight
I'm gonna get it all back
I'm gonna make a comeback this time

[We go LIVE to the Wachovia Center, as the song continues to play. Pyro explodes and the Philly crowd is going berserk! We get several camera shots at the stage/pyro, and the fans. We then go ringside at the UWL Broadcast table with Frank Archer and Mac Raines.]

Archer: HELLO! And Welcome everyone to UWL Wrestlefest! I am Frank Archer, and sitting to my right here is...

Raines: The baddest man on the planet.... Or atleast at this table... I am MAC FUCKING RAINES!

Archer: Mac can you feel the energy in this building right now?

Raines: It is through the roof right now. The people are buzzing. Hell this arena is buzzing!

Archer: Tonight promises to be a historic night. Four UWL Championships to be decided.

Raines: And of course the main event!

Archer: James Silkk of PWX, Damien Vincent of USPW, and Elijah Black of TSWF. Ironman Rules. For the UWL Heavyweight Championship.

Raines: I can't fucking wait!

[In a steam filled locker room, Pat Gordon, Jr. stands in front of a sink, putting the finishing touches on his shave - a pre-match ritual he inherited up from his father. The young Gordon doesn't put much stock in many superstitions, but he indulges in this one. He rinses off his razor blade and taps it against the sink to knock out any trapped hairs. Then he runs his hand over his face. ]

PGJR: "Okay. Now we're ready."

[The Southie Scrapper dips forward, splashing his face with water to remove excess shaving foam. Grabbing the nearby towel, he starts drying off. He happens to see the door opening behind him. Stepping through that door, in full ring gear, taped fists, and a black and gold TSWF T-Shirt, is none other than Leon Corella...]

Corella: Nice job in that match you had in Monroe. I'd say the only guy who was surprised by the outcome was Fairchild.

[A wry grin crosses his face.]

PGJR: Thanks, Fella. So you're the guy who gave my old man forty five minutes of hell?

[Gordon asks, wiping off his hand before reaching toward Corella for a handshake.]

PGJR: Figures you'd be so big. [Gordon laughs] Should have seen his matches against Big Dog Thomas.

Corella: I've kept an eye on your old man for sure. As for the 45 minutes against him, it was more like he brought the hell. I was just along for the ride.

[The Boston Bruiser smiles.]

PGJR: Funny us fighting for the Patriot Title after you wrestled my dad so long ago. So, think you can go for forty five against me?

[Crossing his arms over his chest, Corella strokes his stubbled chin, looking off for a second with a thoughtful expression. He then looks back towards Pat.]

Corella: Oh I think it can be arranged. Think you can beat your father's time and put me down quicker?

PGJR: We'll see. But I'm sure you'll find me to be quite an improvement over the old man. He put a lot of time into making sure of that. You know, my dad always taught me that it's the one who wants it the most who wins. And representing Boston AS WELL AS the Gordon name as the Patriot Title would mean the world to me.

[Corella nods, then tilts his head ever so slightly forward.]

Corella: No doubt. I see fire in those eyes, the same kind your father had when I stood across from him all those years ago.

[A wolf-like grin spreads across Leon's face.]

Corella: ... but I'm even hungrier now than I was then and I'm a whole hell of alot better. This time, I'm bringing the hell. Be ready for the ride, Pat.

[Paddy's expression turns to stone.]

PGJR: Don't worry, Corella. I will be.

[He leans in toward Corella, invading his personal space. He lowers his voice in an attempt at intimidating Leon Corella. The smile on Corella's face fades, his head tilting back a bit with regard for his young opponent.]

PGJR: I guarantee you won't be hungry after this. Because I'm gonna give you all you could ever ask for and more. All you can eat pain buffet starts in five minutes.

Corella: I expect no less from the son of one the best wrestlers in the business. Bring everything you have to the table and more, because if you don't....

[Leaning forward, he gets right in Pat's face in full and complete violation of his personal space. His tone doesn't deepen, doesn't shift, yet takes on a very intimidating, gravelly quality.]

...I will bury you...

[Leon then backs up from Pat.]

...Good luck.

[Turning, He grabs the door knob, gives it a twist, and exits the locker room.]

[We cut backstage where UWL President, Kevin Hill sits in his office, sitting behind a desk. The crowd gives a pop to the man that is bringing them this huge event tonight.]

Kevin Hill: Good evening to everyone that is here, that sold out the building in just days of tickets going on sale. And good evening to everyone watching at home on P.W. Syndicated.

[Another big pop. Hill allows the ovation to settle down before continuing.]

Kevin Hill: I want to thank ALL of you for being here. It's been quite some time since my name has been involved in a wrestling event, and it means alot that you all have the desire to witness history... Tonight is a celebration. A celebration of a new era in wrestling. An era of being United. A celebration of moving.... forward.... Which is why I am speaking to you tonight.

[Hill takes a moment to gather himself.]

Kevin Hill: Before we get going with tonight, I'd like to make this big announcement. The next time you will see a UWL Event will be December 7th.... As well as December 8th.... And December 9th...

[You can hear a few 'ooohs' from the crowd.]

Kevin Hill: Because on those days you will see UWL: Championship Weekend. Three consecutive nights of UWL Wrestling. Each night will be main evented by a different UWL Title match. This will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana.... But that's later on. Wrestlefest is tonight... Enjoy the show everyone.

[Hill smiles as the camera slowly starts to zoom out, until we cut back to ring side.]

-Match One-
-UWL Patriot Heavyweight Championship
Pat Gordon Jr (FGA) vs Leon Corella (TSWF)

[The regal sound of "Chariots of Fire" fills the arena, as the crowd rises, hot, ready for the first match. Pat Gordon, Jr. makes his way from the back, shaking hands and giving out high-fives as he makes his way to the ring.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening contest for UWL Wrestlefest... And it is for the UWL Patriot Heavyweight Championship! Making his way to the ring, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 242 pounds... Representing Frontier Grappling Arts... Paaaat Gooooorrddonnnnnn Juuuunniorrrr!!!

[Upon entering the ring, Pat Gordon removes his robe and uses the ropes as an aide to do some last minute stretches, waiting his opponent.]

Archer: Pat Gordon looks ready to go.

Raines: Frank this is going to be amazing! The very first match sanctioned by the United Wrestling League. And it's a Championship match.

Archer: That's right Mac, one of these men will walk out of Philadelphia and go down in history as the first ever Champion crowned in the UWL.

Raines: And what a match this will be. Leon Corella will take on the son of the man that he took to the limit two decades ago. Role reversal here tonight.

[Through the curtains steps none other than Leon Corella as "House of the Rising Sun" by Muse echoes, wearing black and gold tights decorated with a metallic golden skull and red rose on the outer thighs, matching elbow and knee pads, similarly detailed wrestling boots, and heavy white tape from his fists to half the forearm. Strands of short blond hair hang in his face as he scans the crowd with ice blue eyes, his gaze intense and intimidating.]

Raines: Corella is old school. He's focused on this. He's focused on finally beating a Gordon. He's focused on the Patriot Heavyweight Title.

[Leon strolls down the isle, little in the way of fan fair as he makes his way to the ring. Upon arrival, he hops onto the apron and walks the length of it, looking briefly to the crowd before throwing one leg through the ropes, dipping down and walking out onto the canvas.]

Keith Williams: And his opponent, hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, He stands at Six feet, five inches tall and weighs in at 256 pounds....

[Leon makes his way to the nearest turnpost, climbing up onto the second rung of ropes.] Keith Williams: TSWF PROUDLY PRESENTS... LLLLLEEEEEOOOOOONNNNNN CCCCCOOOOORRRREEEELLLLLAAAAAA!!!

[Leon lifts his arms up, palms upturned towards the sky as he tilts his head back. He then hops down from the turnpost and makes his way to his proper corner as the music dies down. The two men lock eyes as the ref holds up the UWL Patriot Heavyweight Title.]

Archer: And there it is folks. The UWL Patriot Title.

[The bell sounds and UWL Wrestlefest is officially underway. Corella and Gordon circle each other, carefully scoping the opponent. They feel each other out, before finally tieing up in the traditional collar and elbow tieup. Jocking for position, the two men struggle with one another until finally it's Leon Corella who gains the advantage by slipping out of the tieup and into a headlock. Corella strategically places his wrist right on the bridge of Gordon's nose as he wrenches with his arm. Gordon searches for a way out of the simple, yet painful move. He counters by grabbing Corella by the wrist and pushing the arm of Leon away, quickly turning it into a wristlock. Before Corella is able to counter back, Gordon spins through, and wrenches in an armwrench. Corella, feeling the pressure on his right arm, is desperate for an escape, but being a wise veteran is able to reverse the armwrench, into an armwrench of his own, and goes behind Pat Gordon with a Hammerlock. Just as quickly as the hammerlock is applied, Gordon ducks, and slips behind Leon Corella, applying his own hammerlock. Corella seems shocked that Gordon is able to counter him time after time, but collects his thoughts, and connects with an elbow to the side of the head. A second elbow forces Gordon to release the hammerlock and stumble back a step. Gordon recovers and takes a step forward, but Corella locks in a second headlock, and this time swings Gordon over with a Side Headlock Takedown. Gordon, now on the mat, uses his flexibility to stretch his right leg up, pulling Corella's head down, taking the pressure away from the headlock. Corella shows impressive athleticism and nips up. Gordon is quick to roll over and stand up himself and takes Corella down with his own headlock takedown. The two switch rolls, as this time Corella uses his leg to pull Gordon's head back, and Pat Gordon quickly nips up. Corella stands up, and we are at a stand still.]

Archer: Spectacular chain wrestling by two very scientific wrestlers.

Raines: Unbelievable action here everybody. Two men with very similar styles, using their knowledge of amateur wrestling and wear down holds, trying to prove who the better WRESTLER is. That's all these moves are. Neither man expect to win with headlocks or arm wrenches, but if your ears are grinded long enough in a side headlock, you'll atleast be thinking about giving up. It wears you down, physically and mentally.

Archer: Well put partner. Both men, wrestling a perfect match thus far.

[The crowd shows their appriciation for the back and forth chain wrestling, as Pat Gordon and Leon Corella again circle the ring. They go for a second tie up, but Corella surprises everyone with a poke to the eye of Pat Gordon Jr. Corella is quick to follow up with several hard right hands, rocking his temporarily blinded foe. TSWF's Leon Corella is the first to do an impactful move as he scoops Pat Gordon up and slams him to the mat. Gordon clinches at his back, lying on the mat, as Corella follows up with a running elbow drop. Corella attempts an early nearfall...]


[Tw- Quick kickout...]

Archer: Leon Corella tried catching Gordon off guard with that one.

Raines: Gordon has a lot of fight in him though Frank. Can't get it done that easily.

[Corella immediately locks Gordon in a rear chinlock, putting all of his weight on Gordon's sitting body. Gordon, still relatively fresh, is able to fight his way up. Corella, realizing Gordon is getting up, releases the hold and connects with well placed elbows to the temple of the now dazed Pat Gordon Jr. The classic 'WOOOO' echoes throughout the crowd as Corella connects with a Knife Edge Chop. Then another. Then another. A fourth chop takes Gordon to the mat.]

Raines: Those chops hurt Frank! The impact and pain from them took the tough Pat Gordon Jr to the mat.

Archer: Gordon's chest is turning red from the impact of the well place Knife Edge Chops.

[Gordon attempts to stand up, but as soon as he does, he is met with a knee to the abdomen, doubling him over. Corella measures Gordon and throws a right hook, but Gordon blocks it and connects with his own right hand. Gordon follows up with another. Pat decides to attack the body next and kicks Leon in the gut, but Corella, as if he was expecting it, catches the boot of Gordon and spins, with a Dragon Screw Legwhip, taking Pat Gordon down.]

Archer: That may have just messed Pat Gordon's knee up. Such a dangerous maneuver, twisting Gordon's leg in all sorts of directions.

Raines: A dragon screw whip can strain or tear every muscle, in your leg. ACL, MCL, and any other 'CL' in your leg. That one move can pull it apart like a Pulled Pork Sandwhich.

[A now hobbling Pat Gordon Jr tries getting to his feet, and does so, with the aide of Leon Corella. Unfortunately, the only reason Leon helps Gordon up, is because he wants to inflict more punishment. He backs Gordon into the corner and wraps the injured leg around the middle rope, using the rope as a tag team partner, and pulls up on the ankle and foot of Pat Gordon, bending it the wrong way. The referee admonishes Corella for the illegal hold, since it is in the ropes, forcing Leon to release the hold. He does so, but only temporarily, as he does the move once again. Gordon screams in pain, grabbing at the blonde hair of Corella, desperate for the hold to be released. When Corella releases the hold, he sends Gordon running across the ring with an Irish Whip, and Gordon crashes into the turnbuckle. Leon Corella takes a few paces, then runs towards Pat Gordon, but Gordon catches Leon Corella off guard with a back elbow. The elbow staggers Corella and Gordon tries following up, but Leon Corella is ready for him, grasping Gordon by the waist, and taking him down with a textbook belly to belly suplex. Corella hooks the leg...]




Raines: Leon Corella is a master of several suplexes. Spoiler alert... That won't be the only variation of a suplex you will see from Leon Corella tonight.

Archer: What started out as a back and forth contest of chain wrestling, has been dominated by Leon Corella ever since a simple thumb to the eye. That one simple, dirty tactic changed the pace of this match completely.

Raines: It just goes to show, every single second, any single move can decide the outcome of the match.

[Corella brings Gordon to hit feet, and rocks him with fists, ignoring the referee telling him to stop using closed fists. Once Gordon is obviously dazed and confused, Corella looks out to the big sellout crowd, and swings his arm, warming it up.]

Archer: Leon Corella seems to be calling for his huge clothesline.

Raines: Though not the biggest man, Leon Corella does rock a devestating clothesline.

[Leon Corella turns around, bouncing off the ropes to gain momentum comes full speed ahead at Pat Gordon and swings for the fences, but Gordon is able to duck. Corella goes stumbling all the way across the ring, hitting the ropes again. Pat Gordon takes the opportunity given to him and connects with a Back Drop. Corella lands flat on the mat but is quick to his feet, as Gordon connects with a dropkick. Both men rise to their feet, but Pat Gordon, now with momentum takes Leon Corella down with a Hip Toss. Corella, now winded is slow to get to his feet, but once he does, hes met with a stiff kick to the midsection. Pat Gordon bounces off the ropes and comes firing back and executes a brilliant swinging neck breaker. Pat Gordon climbs onto Corella and hooks the legs...]




Archer: Pat Gordon showing toughness by taking all of Leon Corellas punishment, and coming back with his first true offense of the contest.

Raines: Never count out Pat Gordon Jr. He is tenacious. He's a fighter.

Archer: Now he has to stay on the offensive. Stay on his man.

[As if Pat Gordon could hear Frank Archer, he brings Corella to his feet and connects with three stiff jabs, showing a possible boxing background. He follows up with a solid European Uppercut, dropping Corella to the mat. Pat Gordon measures up his opposition and connects with a knee to the skull of a prone Corella. Gordon does this consecutively until he feels the damage is done.]

Archer: Pat Gordon just delivered several shots to the head of Leon Corella. A brutal attack to be honest.

Raines: Hey, its easy to beat someone once you knock them unconscious.

Archer: And now hes going for a pin!




Archer: Give credit to Leon Corella for showing toughness himself.

Raines: No one has ever questioned the determination of Leon Corella.

[Pat Gordon backs Corella into the corner, drivinghis shoulder deep into the abdomen of Corella. He whips Leon out of the corner, but Corella reverses it and sends Gordon crashing into the turnbuckle. Leon Corella charges ahead, going for his own shoulder smash, but Gordon side steps it, and Leon Corella goes shoulder first into the solid steel turnbuckle post. Corella clutches his right shoulder, and a very wise Pat Gordon Jr takes Corella and sends him shoulder first one more time into the turnbuckle post, wrapping Corella's arm around the post. Corella, now possibly with a seperated shoulder, back peddles out of the corner and Gordon drops him with an armbar DDT. Corella rolls around the ring frantically, holding his right shoulder as Pat Gordon crawls over to him, pinning him...]



[Th- Kickout...]

Raines: Pat Gordon Jr is showing an intense side of him. A very intense side, that caught us, and I'm sure Leon Corella off guard.

Archer: Gordon is relentless on that right arm and shoulder of Leon Corella now.

[Gordon doesn't allow Corella up, wrenching on the injured arm. Corella rolls over to his knees, relieving the pressure on his arm, and fights to his feet. Feeling a bit desperate, he finds an escape as he grabs Gordon by the front waist of his black tights, using his free hand and pulls Pat Gordon forward, sending him out of control through the ropes, and all the way to the floor.]

Archer: Leon Corella, using his wits one more time, and uses Gordon's own momentum sending him to the floor. He allows himself some time to recover.

[Corella lies on the mat, trying to move his arm and shoulder around. Meanwhile, Pat Gordon uses the guardrail to get to his feet. He climbs up to the apron just at Leon Corella gets to his feet. Corella meets Gordon at the ropes as they trade right hands. Back and forth they go, trying to out punch the other. Corella abruptly ends the impromptu boxing slugfest with a swift knee to the gut. He grabs Gordon by the back of the head and leads him to the turnbuckle. He looks to drive Gordon head first into the exposed part of the turnbuckle, but Gordon blocks it. Corella tries again, but again, Pat Gordon blocks it. Gordon with one quick motion grabs Corella's injured arm, and leaps off the apron, hanging the arm across the top rope. Corella falls back and Gordon quickly slides into the ring and pins Corella.




Raines: Brilliant counter by Pat Gordon right there. Used the rope, similar to what Leon Corella did earlier in the contest, when he worked on the knee of Pat Gordon. Like I said at the opening, these two men are so similar in style. Their philosophies are similar. Both men are always thinking.

[Pat Gordon Jr pulls Corella up to a vertical base by the strands of his hair, only to take him back down with a Snapmare. Corella lands, sitting down on the mat. Gordon stands behind the dazed Corella, taking his time to measure up and connects with a solid kick between the shoulder blades. A second connects just as expertly. The crowd cheers with each kick. Gordon looks out into the audience and yells 'ONE MORE!' before sizing up Corella, mustering up some extra force for one more kick, and catches everyone off guard by going with a kick to the chest of Corella. Well catches everyone, BUT Corella off guard. Corella quickly lies down, avoiding the contact, scrambles to his feet and stands behind Gordon. He clutches Gordon by the waist and the two men run forward. Gordon hits the ropes and holds onto them, sending Corella rolling back. Corella gets to his feet just as Gordon comes charging ahead. Corella sidesteps Gordon, goes behind him once again, this time lifting Gordon up and drops him with a German Suplex.]

Archer: What a series of events, capped off with an outstanding German Suplex!

Raines: I told ya Frankie. I told ya that wouldn't be the only Suplex we would see from Leon Corella. He is a Suplex Machine.

Archer: And he is proving that. Corella isn't done Mac!

[Indeed, he is not done. Corella never releases his grasp of Gordon's waist and guides him up to a vertical base.]

Raines: He's going for his trademark Triple Rolling Germans!

[Corella delivers the second German Suplex, really taking it's toll on Pat Gordon. Gordon can't get up, but is forced to by Leon Corella, as Corella muscles him back up, for the hat trick. Somehow, possibly out of instinct, or last resort, Gordon connects with a back elbow. A second free's him from Corella's deathgrip. Gordon then stuns the crowd, and most of all Corella with multiple headbutts, rocking TSWF's star. Corella stumbles back. Gordon whips him off the ropes, but Corella reverses it, sending Gordon across the ring, hitting the ropes. Corella ducks, but is a second early. GOrdon leaps through the air, with a sunset flip. He brings Corella down, but Corella rolls through. Both men get to their feet, but it's Corella who is a step quicker. He quickly does a go-behind, clinches Gordon by the waist again, and finally connects with the third German Suplex. This time he bridges it!]



[Thre- Kickout...]

Archer: Did he get it?!

Raines: Referee Adam Bish says two!

Archer: Unbelievable! Gordon looks gassed. He was just dropped on the back of his neck three times!

Raines: Leon Corella with an impressive bridge after the third German, and somehow Gordon slips out JUST before the three.

[Corella seems surprised that Pat Gordon managed to kick out. Frustration seems to be growing in his head as Corella is giving Gordon time to recover. Gordon begins moving around, and crawls towards a corner, using the ropes, and turnbuckle pads to climb to his feet. Corella comes towards him, but Gordon catches Leon with a back kick, taking the breath out of Corella. Gordon climbs up to the middle rope, and comes down with a double ax handle, but Corella catches Gordon, clutching around his waist, and sends him over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Corella pins...]




Archer: Can you believe this?

Raines: I feel like a broken record, but Pat Gordon Jr WILL NOT QUIT!

Archer: He sure won't. But a couple more suplexes and that won't matter.

[Corella stays on the attack, with shots to the exposed back of Gordon. Gordon continues to prove he won't stay down and counters with a right hand, then a knife edge chop. He ducks a Corella right hand and connects a haymaker. He turns and hits the ropes, but Corella is ready and locks in a bearhug. He squeezes on the lower back of Gordon, sapping what energy he has left.]

Raines: Look at this Frank. A bearhug!

Archer: Leon Corella isn't known for his bearhug, but it seems to be effective right now.

[Gordon doesn't seem to have much left as the ref keeps a close eye on him, constantly asking if he wants to submit. Of course Gordon refuses, but looks weak. Just when all hope is lost, Gordon pulls the ultimate desperate escape... By biting Leon Corella square on the forehead!

Raines: He's fucking biting him!

Archer: What determination Mac!

Raines: A true Bostonian right there! Doing absolutely anything. Whatever it takes to survive.

[The biting works, even lacerating Leon Corella, just a bit. Just enough to show red. Gordon is released from the bear hug and turns to hit the ropes. Corella tries to clothesline Gordon, but the FGA up and comer ducks the swinging arm, and sneaks behind Corella, then leaps onto his back, locking on a Sleeper Hold. The crowd errupts, sensing the end, as Corella panics, searching for the ropes. Carrying the weight of Gordon catches up to Leon Corella, and Corella drops to one knee.]

Archer: He's fading! Leon Corella is fading!

[Referee Adam Bish is right there in position to see if Corella is out cold. He is close to being out, but Corella manages to climb to his feet, and escapes with a jawbreaker. Corella tries to get back on his feet, but a quickly recovered Pat Gordon kicks him in the gut, doubling him over, then Gordon drops Corella with a DDT. Gordon shoots the half, and hooks the leg...]




Archer: Neither man can put the other away.

Raines: This is an outstanding contest. And we're only in the first match Frankie!

[Gordon calls for the end, and puts Corella on the mat with a scoop slam. He steps out onto the apron, then ascends the turnbuckle.]

Raines: He's going for the Irish Kiss!

[Gordon stands tall on the top rope, then leaps off. But Corella rolls out of the way! Gordon crashes hard, face first onto the mat.]

Archer: He missed! He took a huge chance, and he missed!

Raines: We're back to square one now!

[Both men are slow to their feet. Once they are up, Corella sweeps the legs, and is setting Gordon up for the Walls of Perfection! Gordon kicks free, creating distance and scurries to his feet. Both men charge ahead and Pat Gordon connects with the Wicked Lariat!]

Archer: Wicked Lariat! Pat Gordon with a stiff clothesline, nearly took Corella's head off.

Raines: This may do it!




Raines: Holy shit! He kicked out!

Archer: But how much can Corella have left after that?

[Gordon brings Corella's seemingly lifeless body up to a vertical base. He makes sure Corella is standing before turning and hitting the ropes, looking for another Wicked Lariat. Corella drops to his knees, avoiding the clothesline. Both men spin around and Corella kicks Gordon in the midsection. He sets Gordon up for Game Over, but Gordon spins out of it. Gordon goes behind, and lifts Corella up for the Sunday Morning Hangover. Corella counters by using the momentum to flip all the way over and land on his feet, behind Pat Gordon. Confused, Pat turns around, only to be taken off his feet by Leon Corella. Corella locks in the Walls of Perfection!]

Archer: Walls of Perfection! Corella's version of a Lion Tamer!

Raines: He's got it synched in Frank!

[Gordon is desperate, reaching out for the ropes, but he's in the center of the ring. Perfect ring placement by Leon Corella has Gordon several feet away from the ropes in any direction. After putting up a hell of a fight, Pat Gordon, Jr has no choice put to tap out!]

Raines: He tapped! Pat Gordon tapped to the Walls of Perfection!

[The bell sounds as "House of the Rising Sun" plays.]


Archer: An outstanding opening contest. Pat Gordon put up an amazing fight. He gave the veteran a hell of a fight. But tonight belongs to Leon Corella.

[Referee Adam Bish hands Leon Corella the UWL Patriot Title, and raises his arm in victory as Corella gets on his feet. The crowd cheers, as Corella rolls out of the ring holding the title high.]

Archer: Well folks, if that's any indication for the rest of the night, buckle up!

Raines: This is going to be an unforgettable night Frank!

[We are backstage as the camera is making its way to the PWX part of the locker room as we see Jason Aries taping his fists as the Hybrid title sitting beside him. Jason notices the camera but does not say a word as we just watch him tape his fists. A look of intensity and hate slowly comes across his face as he punches his palm as his eyes almost seem to burn a hole in the camera lens. He takes in a slow deep breathe as he begins to speak to the camera.]

Aries: The day has come and I have been walking around here all day I have had to stay clear of you Stryker because I could have just assumed end you before the event began. I then came to the realization that I would rather end you in front of the cameras make the embarrassment more worth it. The fact we all know you’re a few fries short of a happy meal but at the end of the day it means nothing. I am ready for you to try to execute me in the middle of that ring but that is all you ever will do is try. I am going to break you and you will once again be covered in your own damn blood. I am ready to walk in to hell tonight the real question is are you?

[Jason Aries rises to his feet, and exits the locker room, headed for the ring.]

Archer: We will see Jason Aries in action... NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

One On One w/ John Fulmer

On Wednesday, October 24th, the series premier of One on One will air on P.W. Syndicated. Each week, John Fuller will sit down with his guest and ask them the tought questions. Do they have the guts to go One on One with John Fulmer?

On the series premier, John's guest is FGA's Pat Gordon Jr. Will he have the UWL Patriot Heavyweight Championship with him? What kind of questions will Fulmer have for the second generation wrestler? Tune in, Wednesday October 24th, exclusively on P.W. Syndicated.

-Match Two-
-Singles Match
Jason Aries (PWX) vs Adam Stryker (WBSW)

[The lights in the arena goes down as the lights turn blue smoke begins to rise in front of the entrance way as "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson plays over the sound system.]

Keith Williams: The following contest is set for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota... Weighing in at 205 pounds. Representing PWX... JAAAASOOOOONNN AAAARRRRIIEEEESSSS!!!!

Jason appears in the smoke with his head down. Jason stands with his head down for a few seconds before dumping a bottle of water over his head then some in his mouth. He throws the bottle to the side walking down the aisle with his hand out so the fans in the crowd can slap it. Jason jumps up on the apron stepping through the ropes he walks over to the corner stretching out waiting for his opponent.]

Archer: Jason Aries is a bright young kid. Has a lot of potenial in the business.

Raines: He's pretty cocky if you ask me.

Archer: Since when did you hate cocky?

Raines: I don't. Arrogant pricks are usually the most successful wrestlers. I was just saying he's cocky.

["Human Condition" by Chelsea Grin plays as Adam Stryker appears on the stage. Stryker begins a slow and intimidating walk down the ramp, ignoring the crowd around him.]

Keith Williams: And his opponent... From Los Angeles, California... Weighing in at 220 pounds. He represents WBSW. He is the "Torture Machine" ADAAAAAMMMM STRYYYKERRRRRR!!!!

Raines: Does Stryker know he's not the biggest guy in the world?

Archer: I wouldn't say that too loud partner. He may just snap you in half. This man is as intense as they get.

Raines: They don't call him the Torture Machine for nothing huh?

Archer: Got that right...

[Stryker continues his march to the ring, and climbs in, doing a cut-throat sign towards the crowd as the music dies down.]

Archer: I believe we are about to get this match under way. Got a prediction for this one Mac?

Raines: Umm... I gotta go with Jason Aries. He reminds me of someone...

Archer: Who?

Raines: I'm not sure...

[As soon as the bell rings, Stryker charges at Aries taking him down. He starts pounding on Aries, but Jason eventually squirms his way away from Stryker and pulls himself back to his feet. They lock up and Stryker quickly spins and ankle picks Aries. Adam Stryker spins on top of Jason and applies a front facelock. Aries quickly spins out of that and grabs, and wrenches on the left arm of Stryker. Stryker rolls around, causing the wenching to end. He then yanks Jason Aries in and takes him down with a headlock take down. He applies more pressure as the ref asks Jason if he wants to give it up.]

Archer: Adam Stryker is seemingly toying with Jason Aries. Like he feels like he can beat him at any time.

Raines: That's why they call him the Torture Machine Frank!

Archer: Seriously? I already used that line.

Raines: I don't recall this...

Archer: It wasn't two minutes ago!

Raines: Let's call the action Frank. Jesus.

[Aries fights his way to a vertical base and shrugs Stryker off of him. Adam bounces off the ropes, and Jason Aries leaps over him as he comes charging back. Then on the return, Jason Aries rocks Adam Stryker with a beautiful standing dropkick. Aries stands on his knees applauding himself after that one.]

Raines: Textbook dropkick!

Archer: Jason Aries is so athletic. He is a natural.

[Aries stands up and lifts Stryker. He has him to the side then drops him with a Bret Hart style backbreaker, dropping the small of the back of Stryker on the point of his own knee. Stryker drops to the mat reaching for his back as he moans in pain. Jason Aries looks down at his prone opponent, before turning his back and grabbing the top rope. He leaps, springing off the middle rope, and spins in mid air, crashing down with a Guillotine Legdrop. He pins...]




Raines: Way too early to try and beat Adam Stryker. Not going to beat him with a simple legdrop.

Archer: No, but perhaps he was hoping to catch Adam off guard.

[Aries stomps on Stryker, who has crawled to the ropes to help pull himself up. Aries nails him with a few stiff right forearms, then whips him off the ropes. Aries follows and connects with a tornado forearm smash. Aries wastes no time in climbing the top rope. As he waits for Stryker to get up, he looks out into the crowd, clapping, to get their support.]

Raines: There you go. Be confident kid. We all know you're better than Stryker.

Archer: No we don't.

Raines: Yes we do. Just watch. Hes about to prove it.

[Stryker staggers to his feet, holding his jaw, when Aries leaps off and connects with a perfect missle dropkick. The impact causes Adam to crash to the mat. Aries gets on his knees and hobbles over to Stryker. He hooks the legs as the ref slides down to count Adam Stryker out.]




Archer: Jason Aries stays on him, after Adam Stryker embarrassed him early on.

Raines: It's what he's gotta do to win this contest.

[Aries stands up and puts the boots to Stryker. He pulls Adam to a vertical base and backs him into the corner. He irish whips Stryker, but Stryker reverses it and sends Jason Aries to the opposite corner. Stryker gets a head of steam and charges at Aries. He connects a big splash. The impact causes Aries to stumble out of the corner. Adam Stryker follows up with a stiff kick to the midsection, doubling Jason Aries over. Stryker then sets Aries up, and takes him down with a Fishermans Suplex. Stryker bridges up, going for the pinfall.]




Archer: Multiple near falls early on in the match.

Raines: I thought for a second that one might actually get Jason Aries. Stryker is after all the Torture Machine.

Archer: Yeah, you've mentioned that already.

Raines: Hey, as a broadcast journalist, I need to tell these things to the audience.

Archer: Okay, Bobby Heenan.

Raines: I appriciate that.

[Both men get up and exchange right hands. Jason Aries seems to get the upperhand connecting several that all stagger Stryker. Adam Stryker stops his momentum though with a poke to the eye. Adam backs up and bounces off the ropes. Jason Aries catches him off guard and applies a sleeper hold. Stryker frantically stumbles around, reaching for ropes. He begins to slow down and begins to drop to a knee, but he does finds a way out before he fades completely, by turning over and climbing to his feet. He then kicks Aries in the gut and shoves him into the ropes. Jason Aries comes back and Stryker locks in his own sleeper hold. Aries like Stryker did moments ago, reaches for ropes, but cannot reach any. He begins fading. He drops to one knee, then is limp and Adam Stryker applies more pressure, sensing that the match could be over soon. The ref begins checking on Aries. He begins the arm raising. He raises it once and it drops. Raises it a second time and it drops. The third raise, the arm stays up and Aries suddenly finds momentum and fights his way up to a vertical base. He drives his elbow into the gut of Stryker, forcing him to release the hold. He runs off the ropes and ducks a clothesline attempt from Adam. He spins Stryker around and leaps attempting a hurricanrana. Adam Stryker catches him and sends him to the mat with a sitout powerbomb. Pin...]




Archer: I think Adam Stryker thought he had it won right there.

Raines: I thought he had it won!

Archer: Jason Aries stays in the fight though.

[Adam Stryker is in shock after Aries kicks out. Stryker signals for the end and picks Jason up. Jason, as if he were playing posseum, shrugs Stryker off of him, goes behind Stryker and connects a back suplex, but is too hurt to capitalize and instead lies right beside Adam. Both men are exhausted.]

Archer: Jason Aries seems slow to recover. That powerbomb may have done more damage than we first realized.

Raines: Yeah, he definitely looks like he jacked his back up. And believe me. You hurt that back, and it handicaps your entire body. It's hard to do anything with a hurt back.

Archer: Whoa! But what's this?

[Jason Aries suddenly nips up and seems to have a second wind. Stryker staggers to his feet as well and attempts a punch. Jason Aries blocks it and lands one of his own. He kicks Stryker in the gut then drops him with a Sitout Inverted DDT. He runs springs off the ropes and hits an impressive NO HANDS lionsault.]

Raines: Holy hell! Now that was spectacular!

Archer: Look Ma! No hands!

Raines: .... Shut up Frank.

Archer: Jason Aries thinks he has it!




[Aries, not to be abashed, stays on the offensive and drops Adam Stryker with a bodyslam, then sets his sights to the top rope. Jason Aries climbs to the very top and looks down at his opponent. He takes a deep breath, and leaps off with a Corkscrew Splash. Stryker has him scouted and simply lifts his knees, as Jason Aries crashes down on them. Aries immediately clutches his ribs as he tries to stay on his feet. Stryker is quick to climb to his feet and sets Aries up with a suplex. Aries manages to block it though and attempts his own suplex. He gets Stryker up, but Stryker simply breaks free and lands on his feet behind Jason Aries. He lifts the bewildered Aries up, and brings him right back down with an Atomic Drop. Stryker turns and hits the ropes hard, and comes full speed ahead and nailing Jason Aries with a clothesline that nearly decapitates Jason Aries. Pin...]




[Aries gets his right shoulder up, but as soon as he does, Adam Stryker grabs that arm, turns Aries over onto his stomach and applies a Crossface. Stryker unmercifully wrenches back with all his might, looking for the submission...]

Raines: This is it! He's going to tap!

Archer: Jason Aries is in a real bad spot here. Center of the ring. And Adam Stryker has him right where he wants him.

Raines: Because he is the Torture Machine!

Archer: Oh give it a rest already Mac!

[The referee is in perfect position to ask Aries if he is willing to submit. Aries, to his credit refuses to quit and is searching for an escape. He manages to roll through, temporarily pinning Stryker. The predictament has Adam release the hold. Both men scurry to their feet and Stryker tries to go right back to the Crossface. Aries won't let him bring him down though and connects with multiple shots to the ribs, then leaps into the air with an enziguri, but gets nothing but air as Stryker ducks it. Aries falls to the mat, and staggers to his feet. Stryker, who stands behind Aries, bends down, lifting Jason up, with Jason sitting on his shoulders. Just as Aries realizes where he is, it's too late and the Torture Machine falls back with an Electric Chair Drop.]

Archer: It looks like Adam Stryker is ready to put this one to rest.

[Stryker brings Jason Aries to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulders for Clouds Over California, his version of the TKO, but Aries counters with several elbows to the temple, allowing him to slide down. Aries finally connects his enziguri, which staggers Stryker. Aries follows up by going for another inverted DDT, but Stryker spins out and drops Aries with an Exploder Suplex. Aries hits the mat hard, but is doing whatever it takes to get back to his feet. Stryker allows it as he is set up in the corner...]

Raines: Oh man! He's going for The Stryke!

Archer: If he hits this, this match is over. Jason Aries may end up with broken ribs too!

[As Aries gets back on his feet, Stryker explodes out of the corner and charges ahead. Aries seems him just in time, and side steps Stryker, who crashes face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. He stumbles out of the corner and turns right into a SUPERKICK! Stryker seems to be out cold as Aries quickly steps to out to the apron.]

Acher: A huge superkick by Jason Aries. Now what is he doing?

Raines: Making a mistake. Should have pinned him right there.

[Aries climbs the top rope and leaps off, connecting with a 450 Splash!]

Archer: He hit it! He hit the Aries Rage! And now Jason Aries pins!]




["Personal Jesus" plays as the bell sounds. The ref raises the arm of the victorious Jason Aries, who is trying to collect his breath.]

Keith Williams: Here is your winner... JASOOOONNN AAARRRIIIEEESSSS!!!!

Raines: I was right Frank! Jason Aries won!

Archer: Terrific contest, between two tough individuals.

[Aries rolls out of the ring, arms raised high. He slowly walks back up the ramp, slapping hands with fans.]

Archer: Great match between these two intense wrestlers.

Raines: And it only gets better from here!

[We open up in the parking lot, where a ruby red 2012 Ferrari pulls in. The door opens-and James Silkk steps out, pulling his sunglasses off and hanging them from his necklace. He pulls out the PWX World Championship belt, and slings it over his shoulder-before raising the trunk and pulling a bag out and slinging it over his other shoulder. He is greeted by Justin Killpatrick.]

Killpatrick: Excuse me, Mr. Silkk. Can I get your thoughts on tonights UWL debut event?

Silkk: My thoughts? First, Hill stiffs everybody on the hotels. I had to pay out of pocket for a suite worthy of the first UWL Champion. Secondly, there’s no catering, I had to pay for my own food…..besides that though-I still haven’t seen my dressing room, so I guess I cant pass judgement yet-but it’s not looking good.

Killpatrick: Well that aside, I hope you enjoy your time here in UWL. Any words for your huge main event match tonight?

Silkk: Any words? Damien Vincent is apparently too afraid to show his face, and Elijah Black is delusional. Kids, listen to me-there is only ONE person who will survive the Sixty Minute Iron Man-and you’re looking at him. I said it in my promo boys-when I make a promise, I keep it. Wednesday Night, I promised Darin Zion that I would walk out of Adrenaline still PWX World Champion. Guess what, I did it. Tonight, I PROMISE I will walk out of WrestleFest with the UWL World Championship.

Killpatrick: And your wife? Any reason she isn’t with you tonight?

Silkk: Not particular your business friend, but she’s wrestling for XWA this weekend.

Killpatrick: Any last words before your big World Title shot?

Silkk: I’ve said my piece. Black, Vincent…my name is James Silkk, I am the PWX World Champion, and I will be the UWL World Champion by tonights end. I am the Abstract, you either get me…or you don’t.

[He smirks and walks out of frame.]

-Match Three-
-WBSW Heavyweight Championship
Hale Collins (c) vs Gunner Hughes

[We come back to the ring and Keith Williams is seen as a shotgun blast is heard throughout the arena. "Dead Man Walking" hits. After a few seconds the crowd starts to cheer very loudly as Gunner Hughes appears on stage.]

Frank Archer: Here is a man who looks ready to go. Look at the focus all over his face as he looks at what he's working with concerning this audience.

Mac Raines: Yeah, but...he's got to face Hale Collins. We're talking HALE FUCKING COLLINS. The man is a machine!

Archer: Sure. But I mean..

Mac: No...just zip it.

[Gunner holds an arm up, garnering reaction from the adoring fans and starts marching down the ramp.]

Williams: The following match is a WBSW showcase match and is for the WBSW Championship! Introducing first, from Portlan, Oregon... Gunner Hughes!

[Gunner climbs into the ring and holds an arm up to get some more reaction as "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" by Revolting Cocks blasts over the PA, getting mostly boos, except for some of the teenage girls. Hale Collins appears now, dreads bouncing as he headbands to the tune and stands atop the stage, a little air guitar playing.]

Archer: Nothing like showboating, or delaying the inevitable.

Mac: Just trying to have a little fun before he puts Hughes in his place, archer.

[He stares down the ramp at Gunner, who is absolutely focused, then starts down the ramp, making sure everyone sees the WBSW Championship around his waist.]

Williams: And his opponent, from Virginia Beach, Virginia... He is the WBSW Champion... Hale Collins!

[Hale gets down to the bottom of the ramp, and starts walking around the ring. He finds a teen girl and leans against the guardrail, taking a picture with her, then writing his phone number on her hand.]

Archer: Is he really picking up girls at a wrestling event?

Mac: Do you honestly think that there could be a better place?

[Hale slides into the ring and looks at Hughes. The bell rings and both men lock up, with Gunner winning the power battle. He throws Hale to the ground, and Hale looks surprised first, then offended. He gets back up and charges at Gunner, but Gunner throws him into the ropes. Hale comes back, hammering Gunner with a Clothesline.]

Archer: Some intense action straight out of the gate here.

[Hale takes the advantage now, throwing some fists and forcing Gunner into the turnbuckle. He goes and sends some shoulders into Gunner's midsection, and Gunner then drops a huge elbow into his spine. Hale backs up, reaching back to rub the spot that Gunner just hit, and now Gunner sends Hale to the mat with his own thunderous Clothesline!]

Archer: Wow! You could hear that contact from the Liberty Bell I think!

Mac: Yeah, that Gunner is a beast, isn't he?

[Gunner holds an arm up and grabs Hale by his long dreadlocks. He throws a backhand to Hale's chest, then throws him into the ropes. He picks Hale up and puts him back onto the mat with a Sidewalk Slam, covers, but doesn't even quite get a two yet.]

Mac: You can't expect the Champ to be done this early.

[Gunner gets up and grabs Hale again, going for a Suplex, but Hale reverses it into his own Vertical Suplex. As Gunner pulls himself to his feet, Hale hops up onto the turnbuckle and sends Gunner across the ring with a Missile Dropkick. Both men get up a little slower than before, and circle around for a few seconds. Hale dives after Gunner, going for the leg to take out, but Gunner sidesteps, then drops to a knee and forces an Armbar into Hale!]

Archer: You think Gunner will get Hale to tap here

Mac: Yeah right. Hale Collins doesn't know what giving up is.

Archer: He too uneducated to pick up on that?

[Hale forces a break, and Gunner gets back up. When Hale pulls himself to his feet, he turns to see Gunner coming at him with a high knee that just puts him right back down. Gunner is heard with a shout as he marches around the ring, the adrenaline going crazy. As Hale groggily crawls to his feet, he is greeted with a Big Boot, and another cover, but still only a two count.]

Archer: That was almost over!

Mac: But the better man manages to pull off a great save!

Gunner gets up, frustrated now, and he stands, awaiting Hale to get up. Hale does, and Gunner goes to Clothesline Hale back to the mat, but Hale ducks underneath, and with a flawlessly executed jump and twirl, kicks Gunner right in the temple. Gunner drops to the mat like a brick, and Hale looks around in excitement. He runs to the ropes and climbs to the top, looking around still.]

Mac: The weather report didn't call for this did it?

Archer: Huh?

Mac: Looks like a Hale Storm is going to tear through here!

[Just as Mac says the words, Hale dives off the top rope, but Gunner rolls out of the way, and Hale hits the mat with a dull thud. Gunner slowly gets to his feet, then starts taunting a bit. Hale climbs up to his feet and is hit with Buckshot. He quickly covers Hale, picking up a sing-a-long three count and the victory!]

Mac: There is no way! Hale got that shoulder up in time!

Archer: It appears that he didn't, and so the win goes to Gunner Hughes!

Williams: Here is your winner, and new WBSW Champion...Gunner Hughes!

[Gunner gets to his feet, clearly ecstatic as he is handed the championship belt. He holds it and looks at it, then holds it up in the air as Hale rolls out of the ring and starts pounding the mat in anger from next to the ring apron. ]

-Commercial Break-

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UWL Wrestlefest Fallout - Who is the UWL World Heavyweight Champion?

State of TSWF - Who is in control of Tri-State Wrestling?

More information on the newly announced UWL: Championship Weekend

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-Match Four-
-UWL International Heavyweight Championship
Jessica Harmony (PWX) vs Ryan Kidd (PWX) vs Ryu Kanata (FGA)

[The screamed intro of “This Is What I Know About Sacrifice“ boomed from the PA system. The lights began to flicker as the song kicks in. Ryan Kidd comes out from the back. He began hardcore dancing on the floor spinning around like there's no tomorrow before raising his arms up in the air to the delight of the fans. He walks down the ramp slapping some hands of the fans.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is for the UWL International Heavyweight Championship! Introducing the first participant, from Long Beach, California. Weighing in at 210 pounds... Representing PWX, RRRYAAAANN KIIIIIIIDDDDD!!!!!

[Kidd goes around the ring slapping some more hands before stopping in front of the steel steps. He climbs the steps and stops at the ring apron before looking around the venue. He climbs the top rope from the ring apron and raises both his arms up before somersaulting down to the ring. He walks to the opposite side of the ring and raises his arms again before walking to his corner while his music fades.]

Archer: And there is the skater, turned wrestler Ryan Kidd.

Raines: Frank, I think Ryan Kidd is the wild card in this match. While he represents PWX tonight, he also is signed to FGA. He knows both of his opponents.

['Deshi Basara (He Rises)' by Hans Zimmer blares through the arena. As the first set of chants subsides, Ryu Kanata steps out from behind the curtain, and pauses, his arms in a crucifix pose, head bowed.]

Keith Williams: Hailing from Koriyama, Japan. Weighing in at 235 pounds, representing Frontier Grappling Arts... The Broken Glass & Barbed Wire Phoenix.... RRRRRYYYYYUU KAAAANAAATTTAAA!!!

[Kanata waits there on the stage for a moment before charging headlong towards the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope, and climbing the opposite turnbuckle, where he repeats the crucifix pose before dropping back to the ring.]

Raines: This is a sick man Frankie. He is this generations Mr Pogo or Leatherface or even Tarzan Goto. He is known internationally for his 'Deathmatch' history.

Archer: He is a man not to be messed with.

Raines: He brings a dark cloud where ever he goes. That's not a knock on Ryu, it's just that he scares the shit out of everyone he ever meets... But now to change that mood!

[Pink and silver lights come on as Sinead hits the PA. Jessica Harmony comes out in a pink tank top and silver pants and boots and walks down the ramp, little regard for the fans.]

Keith Williams: And finally, the third competitor, from Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 130 pounds... Representing PWX, JESSSICCCAAA HAAARRRMONNNYYYY!!!!

[Harmony gets in the ring and immediately poses for the crowd, boos floating her way. She smiles as she stretches and gets ready for the match to get underway.]

Archer: Jessica Harmony. Beautiful, yet dangerous. She can defeat any man or woman on any given day.

Raines: Jessica Harmony, I love you!

[All three competitors warm up, stretching, or tugging on the ropes. The bell sounds and the match to crown our first UWL International Champion is underway. Kidd and Harmony immediately go towards each other, shaking hands.]

Archer: It's no secret these two are familiar with each other. Even friends.

Raines: But will that friendship end up costing one of these two?

[As Kidd and Harmony shake hands, Ryu Kanata comes firing out of his corner, and bulldozes through both of them.]

Raines: There's Ryu Kanata! He doesn't have time for this hand shaking garbage. He's in there to fight.

[Kanata stomps Kidd who is sitting on the mat, in the corner, then stomps on Jessica Harmony, who lies underneath the bottom rope. Kanata goes back and forth stomping both of his opponents relentlessly. After nearly a dozen, he's had enough and walks to the middle of the ring. Kidd manages to get to his feet in the corner, only to be nailed by Kanata with a running dropkick, pinning Kidd into the corner. Ryan Kidd collapses to the mat, then wisely rolls out of the ring. Jessica Harmony is up and catches Kanata off guard with forearm shots to the face. She turns and hits the ropes, but Kanata connects a spinning kick to the gut, doubles her over. Kanata then takes his turn at hitting the ropes, and he connects with a running knee to the temple of Harmony.]

Raines: Ryu Kanata is in control early on. Just taking it to Kidd and Harmony here.

Archer: Kanata is an intense individual.

Raines: Intense doesn't quite cut it. The man is insane.

Archer: Well said Mac.

[Kanata grabs Harmony by the hair, bending her over. He connects with a knee to the face. Then another. Then another. And a FOURTH! Kanata hooks Harmony in a double underhook, then powers her up and drops her with a suplex. Kanata crawls over to his downed opponent, hooking the leg...]



[Ryan Kidd comes in, breaking up the pinfall.]

Archer: Kanata nearly put Harmony away there.

Raines: Coulda been the shortest triple threat match of all time!

Archer: With Ryu Kanata in the match, anything and everything is possible.

[Kidd squares off with Kanata, rocking him with right hands. He drags Kanata to the middle of the ring, setting him up for a bodyslam. Kanata slides off, standing behind Ryan. Kanata locks Kidd's wast, and bumrushes forward. Both men sprint to the rope. Kidd holds onto the rope, the momentum sending Kanata rolling backwards. Kanata rolls through, landing on his feet. Ryan Kidd runs towards Kanata, going for a clothesline. Kanata ducks, and Kidd continues running, hitting the ropes. Ryan Kidd comes back, and Kanata lifts him high in the air. Kidd has nowhere to go but down, and crashes hard, on the mat. Kidd, on his knees, is huffing for air, until Kanata nearly decapitates him with a kick right to the head. Kanata pins...]




Raines: Kanata is all over both Kidd and Harmony here. It has literally been all Ryu Kanata.

Archer: He is full speed ahead right now. Already with two near falls.

[Kanata sets Kidd up for a suplex, and lifts him, but Jessica Harmony grabs one of Kidd's legs, bringing him back down. She connects a side kick to the kidney of Kanata. Jessican Harmony and Ryan Kidd finally slow down Ryu Kanata, with a double suplex.]

Archer: And there they go. Kanata was in complete control, and just like that, they take him down.

[Harmony and Kidd look at each other and seemingly, without saying a word come to an agreement. They get up and walk over to Kanata who has just rose to his feet. Kanata makes eye contact with both of them, just before they come right at him, rocking him with multiple punches and forearms. Kanata tries retreating, but is stuck when he backs into the ropes. Kidd and Harmony send Kanata across the ring, shooting off the ropes. Kanata comes back, and is taken down by a double flapjack.]

Archer: It appears Jessica Harmony and Ryan Kidd are going to team up here to take out Ryu Kanata.

Raines: Yeah, but that can't last forever. Eventually, it will have to end. There can only be one International Champion.

[Kanata tries to climb to his feet, and Ryan Kidd backs him into the corner. Kidd irish whips Kanata across the ring and into the opposite corner. Jessica Harmony follows Kanata, connecting with an impressive clothesline. The impact causes Kanata to stagger out of the corner, where Ryan Kidd is waiting for him, kicking Kanata in the gut, and planting him with a stiff DDT, dropping Kanata right on the top of his skull. Kidd rolls Kanata over, and pins...]



[Jessica Harmony pulls Kidd off, breaking up the pin.]

Raines: And there it is...

[Kidd hurries to his feet and gets in Harmonys face, asking why she did that.]

Raines: It's always confused me why wrestlers get mad at their temporary ally when they break up a pin attempt. Did you think they would just let you win?

Archer: You think too much.

[Jessica Harmony makes a gesture of the title being around her waist. Ryan Kidd gives Harmony a good shove, and makes the exact same gesture. Harmony returns the favor with a good shove. While all this is going on, Ryu Kanata is on his feet, and charges at the two. This time Kidd and Harmony see Kanata coming, and side steps him. Ryu hits the ropes and stumbles forward. The duo take him off his feet with a double hip toss. Ryu is down, but is quick to his feet, only to be taken down once again with a double dropkick. Ryu Kanata wisely rolls out of the ring to get away from the alliance.]

Archer: Looks like you were wrong. Still sticking together.

Raines: For now...

[With Kanata outside the ring, Ryan Kidd looks at Jessica Harmony and raises his arm, for a high-five. Kidd has a smile on his face as he pulls his arm down just as Harmony was going to give him a high-fave. Kidd then spins and hits the ropes...]

Archer: I think Kidd is going to go high risk.

Raines: HEADS UP RYU!!!

[Ryan Kidd is running full speed ahead, but is suddenly dropped by a spear by Jessica Harmony!]

Raines: There it is! I told you!

Archer: Jessica Harmony with an incredible spear! And now she's going for the pin!




Archer: Jessica Harmony nearly got a quick win there.

[Harmony stays on Ryan Kidd, pulling him up by the hair. She lifts Kidd up and drops him with a bodyslam. Jessica Harmony turns her back to the downed Kidd, then leaps, showing her athleticism, with a standing moonsault. She lands on Kidd, and stays on him with another pin.]



[Ryu Kanata is in, and is seeking revenge. Kanata crashes onto Harmony, breaking up the pin. But he doesn't stop there. He clobbers Harmony, showing no mercy. After several seconds of savagely attacking Harmony, Ryu Kanata lifts her to her feet by her hair, then forcefully dumps her through the ropes, and she crashes to the floor. Kanata turns his attention to Ryan Kidd. Kanata connects multiple kicks to Kidd's thighs trying to knot up his quads. Kanata shoots Kidd to the ropes with an irish whips, but what happens next shocks everyone. Kidd out of nowhere dives through the ropes and connects a suicide dive onto the unsuspecting Jessica Harmony!]

Raines: Wow! I did not see that coming!

Archer: Neither did Jessica Harmony!

Raines: I guess that's payback from earlier, when she speared him.

[Ryu Kanata is the most surprised by this as he looks on, confused. Ryan Kidd rises to his feet, fired up and getting the crowd behind him. While he's doing this, Kanata has him in his sights. Kanata springs onto the top rope, and spins, with his back to Kidd. Kanata springs off, and gracefully floats through the air, until he crashes onto Ryan Kidd with a moonsault. Kanata lands on his feet, amazing the rowdy crowd.]

Archer: Outstanding show of athleticism by Ryu Kanata!

Raines: He just floated Frank! He fucking floated!

[Kanata doesn't waste time caring about the fans. He grabs Kidd by a handful of hair and leads him to the steel steps. He rams Ryan Kidd face first into the steps before rolling Kidd back into the ring. Kanata slides into the ring, as Kidd tries climbing to his feet. Kanata runs, and ducks a lousy clothesline attempt by Kidd. Kanata leaps, springing off the middle rope. He turns his body in mid air, and drops Kidd with a Springboard Fameasser. He pins...]




Archer: Despite his background, Ryu Kanata has kept this match very technical.

Raines: Yeah, perhaps just to prove that he is the best?

Archer: The night is still young however.

[Kanata lifts Kidd to a vertical base, delivering knees to the abdomen. He lifts Kidd up in a gutwrench suplex, but Kidd slides off and connects a big kick to Kanata's head. Kanata stumble to the corner and Kidd follows him with a shoulder deep into the gut. Kidd climbs the middle rope, towering over Kanata. He starts whailing on Kanata with closed fists. All connect square on the forehead. Kanata looks to be going limp, until he has a burst of energy and lifts Kidd up, and comes out of the corner, holding Kidd up. Kanata is about to throw Ryan Kidd down with a powerbomb, but Kidd wiggles free and lands on his feet. Kidd comes at Kanata with a clothesline, but Kanata ducks and goes behind Kidd, then drops him with an inverted backbreaker. Just as Kanata rises to his feet, Jessica Harmony has flown into the picture, and has leaped off the turnbuckle, connecting with a missle dropkick. Before Harmony can follow up with a pin, Kanata rolls to the ropes, and lies on the apron.]

Raines: There's my girl!

Archer: Jessica Harmony introduces herself back into the match with a missle dropkick to Ryu Kanata.

Raines: Isn't she amazing?

Archer: She sure is partner. Not sure we're talking about the same thing though.

Raines: Probably not...

[Kanata, on the ring apron, pulls himself to his feet. Jessica Harmony rocks him with a few right hands, but Kanata shows his fighting spirit, by retaliating. Kanata hits a big right hand, spinning Harmony around. At that moment, Ryan Kidd charges at her, but Harmony side steps him. Kidd crashes into Kanata, knocking Ryu to the floor. Kidd stumbles backwards, grasping at his head. He stumbles right into a roll up by Jessica Harmony...]




[Both Harmony and Kidd rush to their feet. Harmony swings, but Kidd ducks, and hooks the arm. Kidd spins, and brings Harmony down with a backslide...]




[Harmony gets to her feet, just as Kidd grabs her by the hair. She catches him off guard with a small package...]




[As they both get to their feet, they both are thinking the same thing and both connect a clothesline. Ryan Kidd and Jessica Harmony lie in the middle of the ring.]

Archer: Great series of moves there by both Ryan Kidd and Jessica Harmony.

Raines: After several pinfall attempts, they both lay in the center of the ring. Which is great news for this man!

[Just as Mac says that, Ryu Kanata climbs back into the ring, and sees both of his opponents down on the mat. Ryu Kanata takes the time to pop his neck, then sets his sights on Jessica Harmony, since she is the first to her feet. Kanata drops her with a snap suplex. Before Kanata can follow up, Ryan Kidd is up. Kanata kicks him in the gut, then drops him with a DDT. Kanata pins...]




[Kidd, showing wisdom, after the kickout, rolls over to his stomach, staying off his back. Ryu Kanata stays on top of Kidd, grabbing him by his long hair. Kanata begins rocking the jaw of Kidd with Crossface Forearm shots. Each shot has a sickening thud to them, as Kidd is helpless.]

Archer: Goodness, look at these shots!

Raines: This is that sick side of Ryu Kanata. It takes a heartless individual to do this to another human being.

[Kanata seems intent on continuing this onslaught until Jessica Harmony bounces off the ropes and connects a low dropkick, knocking Kanata down. Harmony begs for Kanata to stand up. Once he does, she goes behind, and takes him over with a german suplex. Harmony rises to her feet, and waits for Kanata to do the same. Kanata, still loopy after landing on his head in unsure of where he is walks right into a textbook standing hurricanrana from Harmony. Kanata rolls to the outside to create space. Harmony follows him to the outside, but Kanata grabs her and heaves her hard into the steel steps, nearly knocking them over. Jessica Harmony slouches down, and Kanata runs, delivering a vicious knee to the face, ala Mick Foley. Jessica's head is sandwhiched between Ryu's knee and the steps.]

Raines: Oh no! Not that beautiful face!

[Ryu Kanata rolls back into the ring, just as Ryan Kidd is getting to his feet. Ryu lifts Kidd onto his shoulders, but Ryan Kidd slides off Ryu and shoves him chest first onto the turnbuckle. Kanata stumbles backwards, and Kidd drops him with a Backstabber. Kidd pins!]




Archer: Oh that was a close one!

Raines: Great move by Kidd! He about became the International Champion!

[Ryan Kidd rolls to the apron, then climbs to the top rope. He waits for Ryu to stand up, then leaps off with a flying cross body. They hit the mat, and Kidd hooks the leg!]




Archer: Another nearfall! Ryan Kidd is on the verge of becoming champ!

[Kidd, realising how close he is, stands up, and backs into the corner, calling for "White Light" (Superkick). Ryu Kanata begins rising to his feet, clueless as to what is awaiting him. Ryu turns around and is BLASTED by White Light!!]

Raines: White Light! Ryan Kidd connected!



[THre-Save by Harmony!!!]

Archer: Jessica Harmony makes the save. That was for sure a three if it wasn't for her.

[Jessica Harmony gives Kidd some shots as he tries to get to his feet to defend himself. Jessica sends Kidd to the ropes, and waits for him to return. When he does, Kidd slides between her legs, getting behind her. When Harmony turns around, Kidd goes for another White Light. Harmony catches Kidd's foot though, then trips him up. Still holding Kidd's leg, Harmony locks in a Figure Four!]

Archer: A figure four by Jessica Harmony! Ryan Kidd may tap here!

Raines: Jessica is amazing! She's going to be my ex-wife someday.

Archer: .... Did you just say ex-wife?

Raines: It's inevitable Frank...

Archer: Well a tap out may be inevitable too!

[After some intense moments, Ryan Kidd is able to reach the ropes. The ref forces Harmony to release the hold, and she finally does. Harmony gets to her feet, upset she didn't get the win. She takes time to follow up, and it ends up costing her. As she walks up to Ryan Kidd, he pulls out a desperation move and connects a Codebreaker! He is too hurt to follow up though, as they both are down.]

Raines: Man this Kidd is tough!

Archer: Always thinking. Don't take his wild mentality as clueless. He's a smart wrestler.

[Ryu Kanata is awake and sees both of his opponents down. He wisely pins Jessica Harmony!]




[Ryu now tries to pin Kidd!]




Raines: Ryu Kanata can't be happy about that.

[Kanata slowly gets to his feet, and lifts Ryan Kidd up, and makes him straddle the turnbuckle. Kanata begins to climb to the top rope with Kidd, but Kidd fights him off with right hands. Kanata falls off, hitting the mat, and Kidd stands on the turnbuckle. Jessica Harmony stops him by knocking his feet out from under him, and Kidd straddles the turnbuckle again. Harmony climbs the top rope and sets Kidd up for a superplex. Kidd is doing everything he can to hang on and not go over. Luckily for him, Ryu Kanata is up and clubs Harmony in the back. Harmony doesn't give up on the superplex though. She still has Kidd set up, as Kanata gets underneath her...]

Archer: Are we about to see a Tower of Doom?!?!

Raines: Oh shit!!!

[Kanata powerbombs Harmony, as she brings Kidd over with a Superplex! The crowd errupts! Ryan Kidd is able to roll out of the ring, and away from more danger. Kanata is slow, but does climb over to a motionless Jessica Harmony and pins her...]




Raines: Unbelievable! I thought that was it right there!

Archer: Somehow Jessica Harmony finds a way to get her left shoulder up! But there wasn't much in that kickout.

[Kanata is up, unsure what to do next. He sees Ryan Kidd sprinting at him, and catches Kidd and connects with the Koriyama Avalanche (Snap Samoan Drop)! Kanata doesn't go for the pin though. It appears he's setting Kidd up for the end.]

Raines: I think he's going for None Shall Rise!

[Kanata allows Kidd to get to his feet. Kidd is nearly out of it, but is a fighter, so he gets up. Kanata locks Kidd up for None Shale Rise (Vertical Sidedriver), but Ryan Kidd, somehow as he's hanging upside down, connects three solid knees to the skull of Ryu. Ryu is forced to give up on the move and Ryan Kidd lands on his feet. Kidd then connects Mosh N Roll (Da Shout Out).]

Archer: Mosh N Roll!

Raines: He usually follows that up with Sink or Swim!

[Kidd points to the top rope, and appears to be going for Sink or Swim (Swanton Bomb). He climbs to the top rope and leaps off. And he connects!]

Raines: Sink or Swim!

Archer: That's gotta do it!

[Kidd hurt himself landing that move. Jessica Harmony is up, and grabs Kidd from behind. She's going for the Rebel Yell, but Kidd counters with some elbow shots. He breaks free and kicks Harmony in the gut, doubling her over. Ryan hits the ropes and upon returning, he jumps up and stomps Jessica's head down to the mat.]

Archer: That was gruesome!

Raines: He calls that Engine 45!

Archer: And now he's pinning!




[The bell sounds as the ref raises the hand of Ryan Kidd.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner... and new UWL International Champion.... RRRYAAAANNN KIIIIIDDDD!!!

[Ryan Kidd is awarded the title as "This Is What I KNow About Sacrifice" plays.]

Archer: What a match!

Raines: Spectacular match! And the youngster Ryan Kidd walks away the UWL International Champ!

[Ryan Kidd walks up the ramp, high fiving fans, and holds his title belt high, before walking all the way through the curtains.]

Interview Originally Aired on The Countdown:

We fade in to the backstage area at the arena dressing room of The Biz in particular to find him standing there alone. Already in his ring gear, he stands with his back to the camera as he stares into a mirror just looking at his reflection. He takes a deep breath and begins to speak.

Biz: Can you feel that?
Can you feel that thing beating in your chest?
Can you feel what's about to happen here tonight?

The Biz turns to face the camera and continues to speak.

Biz: These are the questions you have to ask yourself on a night like this. After all, Wrestlefest is now the biggest stage in professional wrestling and it's not about the biggest or the strongest.
It's about something more.
And nobody in this world wants it more than yours truly. The mere fact that I have to put my body, soul, and mind on the line just to prove it is what I am willing to do to call myself THE BEST in the business.
Well that's a small price to pay, I guess.
You know, this isn't the first time that I've been thrown into a match of such epic proportions with a guy like Werewolf Gregorson but the difference this time around is that I answered when opportunity came a-knockin'.
But instead of dealing with the top talent, I'm dealing with the reserve squad instead. I mean, come on now, the last time Gregorson saw action this big, it was when he was refereed to the match between David and Goliath.

The Biz has a chuckle

Biz: The way I see it, I don't care if I have to bleed buckets or break a leg or an arm.
I will win this match and make TSWF proud. And if I have to send someone crashing on their head in the process. Well then my apologies in advance. But just remember, it was never personal.

Only Biz-Ness.

-Commercial Break-

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-Match Five-
-TSWF Control On The Line
Werewolf Gregorson vs "The Biz" Mike Bisignano

[We are back from commercial break as we see Frank Archer and Mac Raines at ringside.]

Archer: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you for this next match. In this TSWF Showcase, instead of hearing Mac and me, the TSWF commentary team of Stephanie Sandsbury and Ashie Sinclair will be making the call.

Raines: Good, I need a piss break.

Archer: ..... Take it away ladies.

[The camera pans to the right, and to the TSWF commentators Stephanie Sandsbury & Ashie Sinclair sitting at a table with a TSWF banner draped over the front of it. Both are wearing UWL t-shirts to show solidarity with their hosts.]

AS: Thanks, guys. We are just about ready to kick off the HUGE match between Werewolf Gregorson and Mike “The Biz” Bisignano.

SS: This one is for ALL the marbles, Ashie. My brother has put A LOT of faith in The Biz to get the job done against Gregorson.

AS: Absolutely. And remember folks, if Werewolf Gregorson wins this match, he WILL take over control of TSWF from Michael Sandsbury, current owner and brother of my broadcast partner.

SS: Ugh…I don’t know if I can work for this company with Gregorson at the helm. It just wouldn’t be the same.

AS: Oh come on now…he’s not that bad of a guy.

SS: Well anyways, let’s go up to the ring for the introductions.

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen…the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty-minute limit and is a showcase match from the TRI-STATE WRESTLING FEDERATION! Introducing first… he hails from Anchorage, Alaska and weighs in tonight at two hundred and eighty-five pounds… WEREWOLF GREGORSONNNNNNNNN!!!!!

[The crowd explodes as Werewolf's theme begins to play.]

Off through the new day's mist I run
Out from the new day's mist I have come
I hunt
Therefore I am
Harvest the land
Taking of the fallen lamb

[The crowd pops loudly as Metallica’s “Of Wolf and Man” begins to blast out over the PA system and Werewolf Gregorson steps out onto the stage and makes his way down to ringside. He is wearing full-length midnight blue wrestling tights with three blood red claw marks down the side of each leg, black knee and elbow pads, and black boots.]

AS: Gregorson making his way out here now and these fans definitely in love with the veteran superstar.

SS: Yes but The Biz is no spring chicken either. He’s been in this business for a decent amount of time and certainly has acquired his fair share of gold.

[Climbing the steps to the ring, Gregorson pauses on the apron with one hand on the top rope and turns around to look out at the fans.]

AS: Sure but let’s look at the trophy case of Gregorson for a moment. He’s been both the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Champion as well as one half of the Tag Team Champions there. Not to mention the IWA Television Champ who then went on to become the Unified International/Television champ. And of course his crowning achievement as one half of the VXW Tag Team Champions with both “The Outlaw” Travis LaGrange AND Despair.

SS: Pish posh…The Biz has done ALL that AND helped run Shootfire Pro Wrestling for a period of time.

[Gregorson cups both hands to his mouth and lets out a loud, wolf like howl as his music fades to a close.]

AS: I love how you fail to mention the fact he also faked his own death.

SS: A minor setback in his career. That’s all. But now…he’s here and he will achieve the greatest victory of his life against Gregorson. And I will have a grand old time watching that silver haired old man working for MY brother. I hope he makes him a janitor or something.

Keith Williams: And his opponent…

[“Miseria Cantare” by AFI plays over the PA system and out from the back steps “The Biz” Mike Bisignano wearing black fighter shorts with black boots and kick pads on top of them. His spiky hair is propped up by a pair of sunglasses as he strolls down the aisle towards the ring.]

[A loud boo from the rowdy Philly crowd.]

SS: And here comes THE saving grace of TSWF…the man…the myth…THE LEGEND...

AS: The faker. I mean come on Stephanie, how can you support a man who faked his own death just so he can soak up fake adulations only to return from it months later without as much as an apology.

SS: Very simple, Ashie. He’s smart…AND good looking to boot. This is more than what I can say for that old codger you seem to be backing.

[The Biz, now at ringside, looks up at Gregorson inside the ring and smirks. Waving his hands and telling him to “move back”, The Biz climbs up on to the ring apron and springs into the ring over the top rope.]

SS: The referee going over last minute instructions with both men…and he signals for the bell.]

SS: Werewolf Gregorson extending a hand to The Biz. HAH!...don’t make me laugh.

AS: Well he DID say he had a bit of respect for the younger superstar and that’s usually how someone shows their respect for someone else.

SS: How pathetic…and The Biz goes down low with a shot to the midsection…Irish whip and Biz follows behind with a high knee.

AS: Werewolf Gregorson tumbles out of the ring and The Biz heads to the outside as well. I have a feeling this match is not going to be a clean one.

SS: Hells no! The Biz knows what he has to do and if history speaks for itself, he WILL go to any lengths necessary to achieve his directive.

AS: Biz now catching Gregorson in the chest with a backhand chop. Grab of the head and Bisignano throws Werewolf Gregorson back-first into the steel guardrail


SS: How dare these fans boo an amazing talent such as Mike Bisignano.

Ref: TWO!

AS: Gregorson not looking good at the moment as The Biz rams his head against the top of the guardrail. Now he heads back inside as Werewolf Gregorson takes a moment to collect himself.


SS: And now Gregorson climbing back in as well.


AS: The crowd starting to really get behind Werewolf Gregorson and we’re only a good minute or two into this contest.

SS: Sheep…all sheep!

AS: The Biz throws a punch at Gregorson and takes him down with a flying forearm. Now the cover…


AS: Gregorson with a quick kick out. It’s certainly going to take more than that to keep him down.

SS: Maybe my brother should’ve replaced his nitrate pills.

AS: Are you insinuating that Gregorson has a heart condition?

SS: Have you seen the man?

AS: Biz back on his feet and heading to the corner to scale the turnbuckles…Gregorson slowly getting to his feet…and is met with a flying axehandle off the second turnbuckle.


SS: Do you see the way The Biz is manhandling Gregorson? He was a FOOL to ever think he could tangle with this man.

AS: Biz now pulling Werewolf Gregorson to his feet…SAVATE KICK!!!




AS: Gregorson grabs The Biz and tosses him into the corner….and runs shoulder-first right through him!

SS: The Biz tumbling out of the corner…and that old codger Gregorson with a swinging neckbreaker.


AS: A small chant for Werewolf Gregorson moving through the crowd as he lifts The Biz up with a single handed choke lift….AND PLANTS HIM DOWN WITH A SLAM TO THE MAT!



AS: Gregorson pulling The Biz back to his feet…goes for a vertical suplex…The Biz falls down behind him and tries for a Fujiwara armbar….NO! Gregorson slips out and picks Biz up for a beautiful shoulderbreaker.

SS: And now Gregorson standing over The Biz who is holding his shoulder…goes to grabs Bisignano’s hair…ROLL-UP!




SS: Damn him!

AS: The Biz pulls Werewolf Gregorson on to his feet once more and sends him into the side with an Irish whip….reversal by Gregorson and now it’s The Biz who bounces off the ropes…FLYING FOREARM!

SS: Biz with the missile-like forearm that takes Gregorson down….cover by The Biz…



AS: And Gregorson kicks out again!

SS: The Biz though not letting up easily as he yanks Gregorson to his feet….WRIST CLUTCH EXPLODER!!!


AS: Biz now hits the ropes…bounces back and goes for a legdrop…NO!!!! Gregorson rolls out of the way in time!

SS: Gregorson back to his feet now and pulls The Biz up as well…sends him into the corner….and follows in…

AS: AVALANCHE!!! Werewolf Gregorson just squashes The Biz against the turnbuckles with a big splash. And now a series of chops fire up the chest of Mike Bisignano who is clutching at it as it gets redder and redder.

Crowd: WOO!

AS: Gregorson grabbing a hold of The Biz…and BIG Military press by Werewolf Gregorson.

SS: NO NO NO!!!! Come on Biz…work out of this!

AS: And Gregorson parading around as he holds The Biz overhead….


AS: The Biz bounces off the mat as Werewolf Gregorson slams him down hard.

SS: Oh man… this isn’t good.

AS: Werewolf Gregorson grabbing both of The Biz’s arms…double underhook suplex….up goes The Biz….NO! The Biz puts on the brakes…AND BACKDROPS THE SIX FOOTER!!!


SS: And now The Biz needs to get on his damn feet and work his way back into this. Earn your damn fee!!!

AS: Biz with a series of kicks to the head just nailing the heel right into the ear and face.

***BIG BOOS!!!***

SS: The Biz yanks Gregorson up….BIZNESS END!!! HOLY HELL!

AS: Beautiful uranage into a skullbreaker by The Biz…and now the cover…




AS: Can this be it?




SS: The Biz is completely beside himself. He thought he had this all wrapped up…and to be honest, so did I.

AS: Werewolf Gregorson grabs The Biz by the throat…another choke lift…SHOT TO THE THROAT BY THE BIZ!

SS: And back on his feet, The Biz hits a legsweep takedown on Gregorson….into the ropes….SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!

AS: Another cover by The Biz…



AS: And again Werewolf Gregorson able to kick out in time.

SS: For the love of…what is it going to take to keep that bastard down?

AS: Biz on his feet and tries for a full nelson slam…Gregorson though with a back kick…turns around and just NAILS The Biz in the face with a right cross.

SS: Kick to the midsection double The Biz over…. GRR!...and he’s put down with a cobra clutch slam.

AS: Gregorson now with a handful of hair and drags The Biz over to the corner…HEADSMASH INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!

SS: Now throws The Biz up on his shoulders….looks to be like he’s going for a Samoan Drop…YES! The Biz takes him over with a crucifix…






AS: Whoa, Stephanie. I know your biased in this one but try to remain professional, please.

SS: Oh shut up, Ashie! I hope that when The Biz wins this match for my brother, he fires your scrawny behind as celebration.

AS: Um…anyways…The Biz back up and goes for an Irish whip…reversed by Gregorson…sidewalk slam attempt…AND THE BIZ DOES NOT BUDGE AN INCH!

SS: And The Biz with the whip of Gregorson into the corner…follows in with a clothesline…down goes Gregorson…STANDING MOONSAULT FROM THE BIZ!!!






AS: And Werewolf Gregorson sits up…Biz with a kick to the head….Gregorson sits up AGAIN!

***POP POP POP!!!***

SS: He’s like a zombie….

AS: Not quite. Gregorson back to his feet and The Biz goes for a flying bodypress…but Werewolf Gregorson side-steps and The Biz hits nothing but air.


AS: Gregorson pulls The Biz up and hits a side suplex…holds on to his opponent though and just heaves backwards with a gutwrench suplex. Cover by Gregorson now…



SS: YES! DAMN RIGHT! The Biz kicks out in sure fashion.

AS: Ok but he’s not looking so hot at the moment as Werewolf Gregorson pulls him up once again… fallaway slam…

SS: NOPE! The Biz with a forearm to the back of Gregorson’s head…WRIST CLUTCH EXPLODER BY THE BIZ!

AS: Not so fast, Stephanie. Werewolf Gregorson with the block and now The Biz begging for mercy.


AS: Werewolf Gregorson with a choke lift on The Biz…and the official warning Gregorson to let go.

Ref: ONE!




AS: And Gregorson releases at four, not wanting to get disqualified.

SS: Now Werewolf Gregorson going for a gutbuster…AND THE BIZ COUNTERS WITH A FRONT-LAYOUT SUPELX!


AS: Biz has the head of Gregorson…runs to ram him into the corner…Gregorson gets the boot up for the block…CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL BY GREGORSON!!!

SS: The Biz is down…and these stupid fans are going nuts for Werewolf Gregorson. How dare they!

AS: Gregorson giving the high sign for The Silver Bullet…setting up nicely waiting for The Biz to get on his feet…

SS: Biz up…Gregorson charges in….

AS: WOW! The Biz ducks aside and Gregorson just drilled the ring post hard.

SS: The Biz with a roll-up….



AS: The Biz with his feet on the ropes…


**DING! DING! DING!!!***


AS: Well folks, despite the nature in which he did it, The Biz has won this match.

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen…the winner of this match.... “THE BIZ” MIKE BISIGNNNNANNOO!!!


SS: And now that waste of life Werewolf Gregorson will work for MY brother in whatever capacity he sees fit.

AS: I guess that’s the case. Well folks, once again, The Biz is your winner…we now go back to our colleagues as we prepare for our next match.

***CROWD POP!!!***

AS: WAIT! What’s this?

SS: What’s HE doing here?

[The camera cuts to show Mark Adams Junior has stepped out from the backstage area with a referee in tow. The second official runs down to ringside and is telling something to the first referee. Meanwhile, The Biz is parading around celebrating his victory and doesn’t even realize what is going on. The referee then speaks to the ring announcer.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen…the referee has been informed that The Biz had his feet on the ropes and is waving off his pinfall. Therefore, this match WILL continue!!!



AS: I’m sure he’s watching from the VIP box and is not pleased one bit.

[The Biz hears the news and turns around….RIGHT INTO A SILVER BULLET SPEAR FROM WEREWOLF GREGORSON!!!]

AS: SILVER BULLET SPEAR!!! Gregorson catches The Biz off-guard and drills him down hard with the spear. Now the cover…

Ref/Crowd: ONE!



****DING DING DING!!!***





AS: Sorry Stephanie but this is the way it is. Werewolf Gregorson is your winner…and the NEW owner of the TSWF.

SS: NO NO NO!!!!!

AS: Yes…yes…yes.

[“Of Wolf & Man” by Metallica plays as Gregorson gets to his feet. He climbs through the ropes and down to the floor where he joins Mark Adams Junior, both men hug in celebration.]

AS: Congratulations to Werewolf Gregorson…and I know he will do a TERRIFIC job as the new owner. Let’s rejoin our colleagues as we prepare for our next match-up.

[Both Gregorson and Adams head up the aisle in celebration. Meanwhile, The Biz is still laid out in the center of the ring. We then go back to the UWL Crew of Archer and Raines.]

Archer: Outstanding match. Looks like a new era in TSWF has begun.

Raines: ... Earlier, before the match started. Did you say 'Mac and me?'

Archer: Umm. I believe so, yes.

Raines: Sounds like a terrible 80s family sitcom.

Archer: Mac, you're something else. We'll be back folks.

-Commercial Break-

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[We see Elijah Black backstage, in full ring gear. He is in what appears to be near the parking garage area. He is doing some preperation, just gearing for the big World Title match. UWL Reporter Courtney Alexander steps up to approach Elijah Black.]

Alexander: Elijah Black, sir. Could we get your thoughts with just minutes before your huge UWL World Heavyweight Championship Ironman match?

[Elijah Black just ignores Ms Alexander and walks out of sight.]

[UWL Reporter, Harold Carpenter is standing with UWL Vice President, Sean Prime.]

Carpenter: Mr Prime, thank you for taking your time with us.

Prime: Not a problem Harold.

Carpenter: How do you feel Wrestlefest is going so far?

Prime: It has exceeded expectations. Everyone has brought their A-Game.

Carpenter: Could you give us more information on Championship Weekend?

Prime: I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to share too much info. I can tell you, like Mr Hill said, will take place in a span of three consecutive nights. Each night will be headlined by a UWL Title match.... And I can tell you, the final night, Sunday December 9th, the main event will be a UWL World Heavyweight Championship match.

Carpenter: That is fantastic news.

Prime: Other than that, I better stay hush hush. All I can say is keep your eyes glued on more news.

Carpenter: Okay. Thank you Mr Prime.

Prime: Not a problem Harold.

-Match Six-
-UWL World Tag Team Championships
Best of British (WBSW) vs Eastern Uproars (UX) vs Real Xtreme (TSWF)

["Rule Britannia" begins to play, as the Jumbotron flashes images of the Union Jack, and a mock-up of a "Carry On" poster reading "Keep Calm And Tap Out". Red, white and blue pyro explodes in arches over the entrance ramp as Rupert and Nigel come out, sporting cocky smirks. They open their arms wide, embracing the hate, and strike various gloating poses.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Three Corner match for the UWL World Tag Team Titles! The first team to score a pinfall or submission will win and become Tag Team Champions. Introducing team number one, from London, England... Representing WBSW. Nigel Kensington the Third... Rupert Royston-Fellowes... THE BESSSST OFFFF BRRRIIITISSSSHHHH!!!

[B.O.B. make their way to the ring and climb in, as a USA chant breaks out.]

Raines: You ready for this Frankie? Tag team wrestling has a home in UWL.

Archer: The best tag teams from around the League are here tonight.

["Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk plays and the crowd cheers. First comes Tony Edison, jumping around and full of energy. Erik Loomis follows closely, holding an arm up and throwing it down quickly.]

Keith Williams: And introducing team number two... Representing Underground X. At a combined weight of 487 pounds... Erik Loomis. Tony Edison... THE EEEASSSTERRNNN UUUUPRRROAAARRR!!!

Archer: What a team Eastern Uproar can be. A great tandem.

[Eastern Uproar head to the ring, Tony energetic, Erik focused. Tony slides into the ring and Erik climbs onto the apron in Lesnar fashion. They enter the ring to a big ovation from the crowd.]

Raines: Without a doubt. Eastern Uproar can definitely win this match.

["Battle Without Honor Or Humanity" Tomoyasu Hotei (aka The theme from Kill Bill vol 1) plays over the PA system as we see Real Xtreme (Lance Williams & James Robinson) come through the curtain. Lance and James are both wearing black jeans, as well as black elbow and knee pads and black boots. They are also wearing a black t-shirt with REAL XTREME on the back in red letters.]

Keith Williams: And introducing the final team.. From New York City, New York.. weighing in at a combined weight of 539 pounds.. Lance Williams... James Robinson... REAL XTREMEEEEE!!!!

[The duo then walks down the aisleway to the ringside area and proceed to enter the ring. Lance and James raise their arms in the air. Part of the crowd goes insane at the sight of them.]

Archer: And this match is about to get underway. Only two men will start, like a traditional tag team match.

Raines: Yeah, and you can tag in anyone. So for example, Tony Edison can tag in James Robinson.

Archer: But the first decision ends the match, so the ideal strategy is to keep your team in at all time.

Raines: Yeah maybe. Every team goes in with their own strategy though.

Archer: And it appears Erik Loomis and Kensington will start this match.

[Loomis and Kensington tie up. Kensington backs Loomis into his teams corner, and delivers a knee to the midsection. Loomis is doubled over as Kensington rocks him with a right hand, then tries to irish whip Loomis out of the corner, but Erik reverses and turns, sending Kensington right back into the same corner. Loomis charges and drives his shoulder deep into the abdomen of Kensington. Kensington stumbles out of the corner and Erik Loomis lifts him up onto his left shoulder, then drops him with a big slam. Loomis quickly goes over to his teams corner and tags in Tony Edison. Edison leaps into the ring and Loomis slams Kensington again with a bodyslam. Tony Edison follows up with a snap legdrop. Edison tries a quick pin attempt!]



Raines: It's going to take more than that to win this match.

[Edison brings Kensington to his feet, but Kensington stops the momentum with a thumb to the eye. He backs Edison to the ropes, and shoots him off. Edison comes back, off the ropes and lunges, connecting a flying clothesline. Kensington is down, and his partner, Rupert Royston-Fellowes (RRF) sneaks into the ring. RRF charges at Edison, but Tony is ready for him, sending him up and over with a hiptoss. Edison then grabs RRF and sends him flying over the top rope, and to the floor.]

Archer: Well that didn't work for B.O.B.

[Kensington staggers around, and right into the corner of Real Xtreme. Lance Williams rocks him with a right hand, sending him right into a right hand by Tony Edison. Kensington slumps into the corner, then reaches up and tags in James Robinson.]

Raines: There ya go. Nigel Kensington tagged in a member of Real Xtreme.

Archer: And the way the match started off for Best of British, that was probably a good idea.

[Robinson steps in and Edison takes a step back. The two men circle the ring, then go at each other full force, butl Robinson connects a stiff knee to the gut, dropping Edison. Edison retreats to the ropes, where Robinson continues the attack, with stiff shots to the back of Tony Edison. After a nasty elbow to the top of the head, Robinson sends Edison across the ring with an irish whip. On the return, Edison slides between Robinsons legs. He rushes to his feet and charges but he is taken off his feet with a wicked powerslam by James Robinson. Robinson pins...]




Archer: Real Xtreme is such a powerful team. James isn't even the stronger of the two!

Raines: They are straight up vicious.

[Robinson brings Edison to his feet, and Edison is trying to fight back. Robinson over powers him though and with one club to the back, drops Edison to the mat. Robinson bounces off the ropes, and Edison springs to his feet, and leaps, connecting a calf kick. RRF has the referee distracted over in the BOB corner, and Lance Williams comes into the ring, grabbing Edison from behind. He slams Edison down with a reverse suplex. Williams stomps on Edison, before exiting the ring, after the ref spotted him. Robinson quickly tags Williams, and Lance comes into the ring, mounting Edison and pummling him, before going for a pinfall.]




Raines: Real Xtreme is just bullying Tony Edison right now.

Archer: Edison is the smallest man in the match. Simple strategy to keep him down.

[Lance Williams lifts Edison up, and throws him sternum first into the turnbuckle. He lifts Edison into the air and drops him with a very impactful back suplex. Williams pins again.]



[Save by Erik Loomis.]

Raines: I think Loomis realizes his partner is in trouble.

Archer: Tony Edison needs to make a tag... To anyone at this point.

Raines: Best of British have been real quiet for the last few minutes.

Archer: Not a bad idea. Stay in the shadows.

[Williams shoots Loomis a dirty look, annoyed that he stepped in. Edison is trying to climb to his feet, but Williams is there to rock him with more deadly right hands. He whips Edison off the ropes, but Edison reverses it. Lance Williams hits the ropes. Edison ducks, but he does so early, and Williams stuns him with a kick to the face/chest. Rupert Fellowes reaches in and aggresively slapping Lance Williams, tagging himself into the match. RRF gets in and drops Edison with a stiff clothesline. He quickly pins.]




[RRF stays on the offensive. He grabs Edison and drives him into the BOB corner, then whails on him. Edison is defenseless, and the ref is threatening RFF, until he backs off. While the ref admonishes RRF, Kensington uses the tag rope to choke Tony Edison. RFF comes back to the corner and tags in Kensington. Before exiting the ring, RRF takes Edison down with a snapmare. Kensington comes into the ring and connects a sliding clothesline. Instead of going for a pin, Kensington poses, and taunts the rowdy Philly crowd.]

Archer: Not a wise move there. He should look to pin the beaten down Tony Edison.

Raines: Let the man taunt. He's in complete control right now.

[Kensington drops to a knee, and applies a bow and arrow type submission. The referee is in perfect position to ask Tony Edison if he wants to submit.]

Archer: Look at the pain on Edison's face.

Raines: He looks ready to quit.

Archer: If he does, Best of British are the UWL Tag Champs.

[Erik Loomis is the Eastern Uproar corner, trying to get the crowd into the match, trying to will Edison back into the fight. Edison does start to fight his way up, as Kensington applies the pressure. Edison fights to his feet and spins out of the submission. He connects a back kick to the gut and drops Kensington with a facebuster. Both men are down now. Everyone else has their hand extended hoping to get a tag.]

Archer: And just like that, Edison finds offense. Now he MUST tag someone.

Raines: Go to the closest man you find Tony.

[Both men are rolling to a corner, and Edison is inches away from Erik Loomis. Kensington is about to tag in a Real Xtreme member, but thinks ahead and goes to his corner. Edison makes the tag to Loomis, who explodes into the ring, and runs right through Kensington before he could make a tag.]

Raines: Kensington hesitated, wanting to keep his team in the match up. And now a VERY fresh Erik Loomis is all over him.

[Loomis grabs a staggered Kensington, and whips him off the ropes. Kensington can't stop himself and runs directly into a big boot by Loomis. RRF runs into the ring, but he is hit by a big boot as well. Erik Loomis takes a look at Real Xtreme, who doesn't appear to want to come in. Kensington is up and Erik Loomis lifts him up, then drops him with a sidewalk slam. Loomis pins!]




Archer: Oh now that was close.

Raines: Erik Loomis is on fire right now!

[RRF is up and Loomis kicks him in the gut, doubling him over, then sets him up for a powerbomb. Loomis slams RRF, and the back of Fellowes head bounces off the mat violently. He rolls out to the apron, where he lies motionless. Kensington is back up but Loomis stays on his game and just clobbers him with a clothesline. Loomis backs Kensington to the ropes and irish whips him, but before he does, James Robinson blind tags himself in for Kensington. Loomis is unaware of this. His back is to Robinson, but does go right through Kensington with a devestating spear! James Robinson spins Loomis around and lifts him in the air. Robinson shows impressive strength by powering Loomis over with a fall away slam.]

Raines: Great move by James Robinson there. He got the blind tag, and got a free shot at Erik Loomis. Maybe now they slowed down the big guy.

[Robinson drags Loomis back to his feet, hammering away with some heavy blows before then looking to whip him off the ropes. However, the big Erik Loomis iss able to reverse the whip and swung for another clothesline, only to have his opponent duck underneath it, switching behind the big man and then quickly taking him down with a side russian leg sweep! As Erik Loomis tries to shake off the effects and climb back to his feet, James Robinson heads to the corner, scaling it to the top turnbuckle where he slowly stands upright as the reaction of the crowd as rises.]

Archer: James Robinson is on the top rope!

Raines: That's a big man up there. Heads up Erik Loomis!

[Robinson waits for Loomis to begin turning before then launching himself from the top and nailing him with a flying clothesline, taking him down once again! Such an impressive maneuver by James Robinson really rocks Erik Loomis. Robinson crawls over to Loomis and pins.]




Raines: Wow! Great move!

Archer: And what guts by Erik Loomis, kicking out after that flying clothesline.

[Robinson immediately gets back on his opponent, stomping away at his back before dragging him upright again, only to have Loomis break free of his grip with a knee to the gut. He then pulls him into a standing head scissors position, before raising Robinson into the air in an attempt to Powerbomb him. However, Robinson fights back with some shots to his head, as Loomis still holds him in the air. It looks as if Robinson is taking the advantage but Erik Loomis doesn't take the hint and drives Robinson to the mat with a massive Powerbomb, seemingly shaking the ring to it's foundations!]

Archer: What IMPACT!

Raines: Jesus! Erik Loomis is powerbombing everyone! I'm hiding. I may be next!

Archer: This could do it!



[Thr-Save by Lance Williams...]

Archer: You gotta believe that was it right there. Lance Williams just saved this match.

[Lance Williams attacks Loomis until Tony Edison comes into the ring and takes down Williams. Edison and Williams and battling in the corner. At that moment, both members of Best of British slide into the ring. They each go after one man. RRF helps Williams double team Edison, in the corner. But the temporary alliance is quickly ended when RRF dumps Williams out to the floor.]

Raines: Things are breaking down partner!

Archer: We need order here. The referee can't control all six men.

[Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring,James Robinson dumps Kensington to the outside. But Kensington lands on his feet, and hops onto the apron, before tagging a downed Loomis. Robinson has turned his attention to the other battle going on in the ring. RRF is choking Tony Edison in the corner, but when he turns around, James Robinson kicks him in the gut, and drills him with a piledriver. Before Robinson can do anything else, Kensington charges and drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. Kensington pins!]




Raines: Are these two even the legal move?

Archer: I believe so. I've lost track, but it appears so. The referee counted, and James Robinson kicked out at two.

[Kensington thinks he's ready to end the match. He grabs Robinson and sets him up for a suplex. Robinson counters, going behind Kensington, locking up his waist, and connecting with the Brooklyn Bridge (German Suplex)! Robinson bridges!]



[Thre-Save by Tony Edison!]

Raines: I think Robinson just killed a Brit. He looks lifeless.

Archer: Kensington may have just been eliminated from this match for all intents and purposes.

[Robinson is to his feet and Edison tries to irish whip him. Robinson is too strong though, and powers Edison to the ropes. Tony comes back and ducks a clothesline. Edison stops running on the dime, and connects a pele kick! Edison follows up with a springboard moonsault, and both men crash to the mat. Edison lands on Robinson and pins.]




[Both men climb to their feet, and Edison backs Robinson into the Eastern Uproar corner. He tags in Erik Loomis, who just got to the corner. Loomis comes in, and lifts Robinson, connecting with an atomic drop. He holds onto Robinson and Edison connects a superkick. Loomis pins.]



[Th-Save by RRF with a leaping stomp to the face of Loomis...]

Raines: This is chaotic.

Archer: The ref has lost complete control here.

Raines: It's anyone's ball game though. With things breaking down, you just have to be at the right spot at the right time, and you can win the titles for your team.

[Edison attacks Rupert, and connects a dropkick. Rupert rolls to the ropes, but gets to his feet. Edison charges ahead, but Rupert catches Edison and drops him throat first onto the top rope.]

Raines: Look at Rupert Fellowes!

Archer: Best of British haven't been involved in the match in what seems like the majority of the match.

Raines: Resiliancy. That's the name of the game!

[RRF tries to follow up, but Edison is up, and tries to backdrop RRF out of the ring! Luckily Rupert lands on his feet on the apron. He surprises Edison, but Edison blocks a right hand, and connects his own. This staggers RRF, and allows Edison time to run, springboard and connect a dropkick ala Chris Jericho. RRF falls to the floor, where Lance Williams and Kensington are battling. All three are on the floor, and all of their eyes are bulging as they see Tony Edison soaring through the air with a plauncha, crashing onto all of them.]

Archer: Incredible! What a high risk maneuver by Tony Edison!

Raines: Taking a huge chance! He just took out half the opposition with that one move.

Archer: All four men are down. Meanwhile, James Robinson and Erik Loomis are in the ring.

[Both Loomis and Robinson are climbing to their feet. Robinson stands behind Loomis, and looks to be going for Brooklyn Bridge! Loomis blocks it and connects back elbows to the head, creating distance. Loomis runs at Robinson who is wobbly after the elbows. Robinson swings, but misses. Loomis has picked up speed as he hits the ropes. Loomis comes roaring back, looking for the spear! Robinson side steps and Loomis lands throat first across the middle rope. To make matters worse, Lance Williams is aware enough on the outside to connect a deadly haymaker right hand. Erik Loomis stumbles out from the ropes, and walks right into the Brooklyn Bridge!]




Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, and new UWL World Tag Team Champions.... REEEALLLL XXXXXTREEEMMEE!!!

["Battle Without Honor Or Humanity" plays just as Lance Williams rolls into the ring. The ref awards the titles to Williams and Robinson, who celebrate together.]

Raines: I knew these two would win. The powerhouses were just too strong.

Archer: Fantastic match. Some of the best tag teams in the world, and Real Xtreme stands above them all, as the UWL Tag Team Champions!

[Real Xtreme walk up the ramp and to the back, holding the titles high.]

Archer: Coming up next.... The main event!

Raines: Sixty Minutes! Three Men! One World Championship!

-Commercial Break-

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Welcome Championship Pro Wrestling to the United Wrestling League!

[We see TSWF's Real Xtreme backstage celebrating their victory, holding the UWL Tag Team Titles. They are joined by Leon Corella, holding his UWL Patriot Heavyweight Title.]

James Robinson: TSWF is taking over!

[The three men run into Elijah Black.]

Lance Williams: Finish the job buddy! Bring home the UWL World Title!

[The three champions extend hands for high-fives. Elijah Black gives them a good look, then walks right by them. Black walks off screen, leaving Real Xtreme and Leon Corella confused.]

-Main Event-
Ironman Match
UWL World Heavyweight Championship
Damien Vincent (USPW) vs James Silkk (PWX) vs Elijah Black (TSWF)

[Damien Vincent's "Reckless and Relentless" hits as we are set for the Main Event. The song continues to play as the audience await the arrival of Damien Vincent. Moments pass, as Vincent isn't showing up. Eventually the music dies down. The arena is silent, until suddenly the Stage Screen turns on, and cuts to a camera man running through the hallways. He turns a corner, and finds Damien Vincent face down, and motionless on the concrete floor.]

Raines: What the fuck is this?

Archer: It appears that something has happened to Damien Vincent.

Raines: No shit sherlock. Who the hell did this?

[The camera man drops his camera as he, and a nearby unknown worker come to aide Vincent.]

Camera Man: Damien Vincent?! Can you hear me?

[Vincent is unresponsive.]

Camera Man: Vincent....

Man: Help! Somebody help!

[A UWL doctor is soon on the scene, and checks vital signs on the unconcious Damien Vincent. UWL President Kevin Hill runs into the scene.]

Hill: What the hell is going on?

Camera Man: I don't know sir. We found him like this.

Doctor: He's unresponsive...

[The doctor calls for Ambulance as Hill steps back, confused. UWL Reporter, Courtney Alexander comes in with a microphone.]

Courtney: Mr. Hill, what does this mean for the UWL World Heavyweight Title match?

Hill: I don't know Courtney. We don't know what happened here. Who did it. Why they did it. All I know is we have a World Champion to crown. The match will now be a one on one Ironman Match.

[Hill storms off, leaving the chaotic scene of more EMTs arriving to a still motionless Damien Vincent. We go back to ringside.]

Archer: Unbelievable. The entire aspect of this match has now changed.

Raines: The show must go on Frankie...

[The lights in the Wachovia Center dim out-and blue lights swirl around the arena.]


[A Wall of pyro shoots up, as "Here To Show the World" by SILKK echoes over the PA System. A silhouette of James Silkk stands in the entrance way-with his arms in a crucifix, and his back to the crowd.]

"Do what I say
Better watch what I do. Better heed the warning I'm here to give you
If you ever doubted me, you don't have a clue
I'm here to show the world
I'm here to show the world!"

[The fans have a mixed reaction, as he turns around and walks to the top of the ramp. He is wearing a long custom made black trench coat, with a silver Abstract insignia on the back, and the words "Dream Killer" written on it. He has the PWX World Championship dangling from a regular belt around his waist.]

Raines: And there is THE man. James Silkk. The hottest, most talented wrestler in the business.

Archer: So who you rooting for?

Raines: Not sure...

"Things are exactly what they seem
I will define the things you dream
Go check the scores again
I come out a perfect ten
They broke the mold when they made me
Bring it on"

[James unhooks his PWX World Championship belt, and holds it above his head. A second wall of pyro shoots up, as the song goes into the second chorus.]

"Do what I say
Better watch what I do. Better heed the warning I'm here to give you
If you ever doubted me, you don't have a clue
I'm here to show the world
I'm here to show the world!"

[The PWX Champion heads down the ramp, as the fans continue to have a very mixed reaction to him.]

Archer: Silkk looks ready. He better be. He's gotta go sixty minutes... with this man...

[Purple lights pulse around the arena as “Smash The Control Machine” thunders through the speakers…]

With the perfect hair
And the perfect wife
And the perfect kids
And the perfect life
I will finally be somebody...

[…before Elijah Black steps out on top of the ramp, surveying the arena around him with the hood of his black hoodie raised, standing with his fists clenched as he stretches his arms as wide as he can, slowly turning on the spot]

(Let's play born-again American, resistance is the game!)

[Black throws his head back, throwing the hood back around his shoulders, and shakes some of the excess water out of his hair as he begins to walk down the ramp]

Two pigs wearing suits
Brought the news
That I'm wanted by the bank

[Black walks down the ramp at a slow, deliberate pace, a malicious smirk crossing his lips as he continues down to ringside …]

Then they outsourced my job
And gave a raise to my boss

Bailed out your banks
But billed me for the loss

[…reaching the bottom of the ramp, Black pauses at ringside to flick his attention to the ring for a moment, before he paces around the ringside area. Pacing around the ring, Black continues his deliberate pace to invite any and all heckles from the crowd.

Raines: Man Elijah Black looks ready...

Archer: Looks extremely confident tonight.

[Quick as a flash, Black breaks from his patrol of ringside and jumps onto the apron, waiting for a moment on one knee for the right moment in his theme…]

Work, buy, consume, die

[Black quickly scales the turnbuckles from the ring apron, standing on the top rope with his fist held high in the air and looking remarkably pleased with himself. Black jumps off the top rope into the ring, in one movement throwing his hoodie to the mat, as he does another rotation with his arms stretched wide and his fists clenched, this time within the ring before kicking his hoodie to ringside and crouching in his corner of the ring. As the music dies, we turn our attention to UWL Ring Announcer, Keith Wlliams, who stands in the center of the ring.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen..... THIS IS YOUR WRESTLEFEST MAIN EVENT!!!

[Big pop from the crowd...]

Keith Williams: This is a Sixty Minute Ironman Match, and it is for the UWL WOOOORLD HEAAVVYYYWEEIIIGHT CHAAAAMPIONSHIIIIPPP!!!

[Another pop, as head referee John Monroe holds up the UWL World Championship.]

Keith Williams: Introducing first... From Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Weighing in at 209 pounds... Representing PWX, and He is the current PWX Heavyweight Champion... "The Abstract" JAAAAAAMESSSS SIIIILLLLKK!!!

[Mixed reaction as usual, as James Silkk climbs the middle rope, posing for the hot crowd.]

Keith Williams: And his opponent... From East Lansing, Michigan... Weighing in at 207 pounds. He represents TSWF... ELIIIJAHHHH BLLLLLAACCCCKKKK!!!

[Much like with Silkk, Black gets a mixed reaction as he poses for his fans. Keith Williams exits the ring, as the ref hands off the UWL Title to a stagehand.]

Archer: And here we are folks. Its time to get this underway.

Raines: In exactly one hour, we will crown our very first UWL World Heavyweight Champion!

[The bell sounds and the match is underway! A clock appears, along with a small score counter, on the Stage Screen, to let everyone know the score, and time remaining.]

60:00 Remaining
Silkk: 0
Black: 0

[The two men circle the ring as the clock begins it's long countdown. Neither man seems eager to leap right into the action, knowing the grueling task that is ahead. Elijah Black is the first to make a move, as he connects with a kick to the thigh of James Silkk. Silkk is taken back by the kick, and shrugs it off. Black connects another thigh kick, causing James Silkk to take a step back, bewildered.]

Archer: Elijah Black is keeping Silkk on his guard.

Raines: Those kicks are not going to win the match, or even a decision for Black. I doubt they even hurt Silkk, but he's letting Silkk know how dangerous those feet are.

[Silkk regroups and steps up to Black again. Again, Black tries to kick Silkk in the thigh, but James Silkk catches the foot of Elijah Black, and charges ahead, taking Black down. He climbs on top of Black, and mounts him. He quickly tries applying a keylock onto the wrist of Elijah Black, keeping him in his control.]

Archer: James Silkk, keeping it slow and methodical.

Raines: It's a long match Frank. No need to go full throttle as soon as the bell sounds. Gas yourself and you'll be down two falls before you know it.

[Silkk keeps his control on Black, but Black is able to find a way out, rolling and spinning, slipping out from underneath Silkk, and climbs ontop of the Abstract One, applying a hammerlock. Black wrenches in the hammerlock, putting all his weight onto James Silkk. Referee John Monroe lies next to Silkk, asking if he want's to give up. Silkk, obviously is not ready to submit, as he searches for an escape or counter.]

Raines: More chain wrestling. Much like Pat Gordon and Leon Corella in the opening match of the night, we are seeing chain wrestling between two well-versed wrestlers.

Archer: Neither of these men are considered 'heavyweights.' Both are under 220 pounds.

[Silkk is unable to find a counter, but is able to reach out and get a rope break. Elijah Black hops off, and allows Silkk to get to his feet. The two men lock up, and Black goes behind Silkk with a standing hammerlock this time. Silkk is quick to spin out, and counter with his own hammerlock. Black catches Silkk off guard by mirroring The Abstract One, and spinning out into another hammerlock. Black makes sure he doesn't allow another spin out, but Silkk does a beautiful backflip, landing behind Elijah Black. Black turns around and charges forward, but Silkk catches him with a headlock take down. Silkk lays on the chest on Black, making sure he doesn't get full breaths. Black's shoulders are on the mat!]


[Black rolls a shoulder up...]

Raines: Elijah Black can't be lazy right here. Keep a shoulder off the mat.

Archer: Look at Silkk, making sure all 200+ pounds of him are on the chest and sternum of his opposition.

Raines: It's tough to breathe when you have over two hundred pounds laying on your lungs Frank.

[The ref is in perfect position to see Black's shoulders. Black manages to turn his body, and get Silkk's shoulders down...]


[Silkk powers back into the original position. He keeps the pressure on Black, but again Elijah turns over, trying to get a quick pin...]


[Silkk gets up. Elijah Black begins trying to fight to his feet, and gets to his knees, as Silkk will not give up on his headlock. Black explodes to his feet, and lifts Silkk into the air, dropping him with a back suplex, freeing himself from the hold.]

Raines: And there's an escape. Where do we go from here? Will the two stick to the ground game? Or will things start breaking down?

53:40 Remaining
Silkk: 0
Black: 0

[Silkk, though his back is now sore, manages to get up, before Black can attack him. Black does manage to grab the arm of Silkk and apply an armlock. Before James Silkk can think of his next move, Black pulls Silkk in and takes him down with a fireman's carry, and continues the armlock.]

Archer: I guess that answer our questions. Textbook firemans carry, and right back into the armlock.

Raines: You gotta love this. Trying to prove who is the better mat wrestler.

Archer: And right now, you can't tell. They are going back and forth.

[Elijah Black wrenches in the armlock, but James Silkk is able to fight to his feet. James Silkk forces Black to the ropes, and uses them as leverage to shoot Black off his arm, and send him darting across the ring. Black hits the ropes and comes back, and Silkk trips him with a drop toe hold. Before Black can scurry to his feet, Silkk is on him with his second side headlock. Elijah Black fights to his feet and is able to find the ropes as both men back into the corner. Referee John Monroe is there to tell James Silkk to release the hold. Silkk does so, and backs out quickly, not trusting Elijah Black.]

Archer: And we're back to square one.

Raines: Good to see a clean break up these days.

[The two men meet in the center of the ring and even shake hands, causing a round of applause from the jam packed arena. They tie up in a collar-and-elbow tie up, and struggle for position. Elijah Black is able to over power James Silkk and backs him to the ropes. They jostle around, and Black backs Silkk into the corner. The ref demands a break, and Black returns the favor of James Silkk and gives him a clean break.]

50:00 Remaining
Silkk: 0
Black: 0

Archer: Another clean break. These two men clearly respect each other.

Raines: And we're ten minutes in Frank. It's a mat classic.

[Another tie up, see the two men battling for position again. This times it's James Silkk winning the strength battle and he backs Elijah Black into the corner. John Monroe demands a clean break, and James Silkk steps back. But Silkk shocks everyone, especially Elijah Black when he rocks Black with a huge smashing forearm. Black is trapped in the corner and Silkk delivers two big back elbows to the face of Elijah Black.]

Raines: Finally! Someone caved!

Archer: After ten entire minutes of pure wrestling, it's James Silkk who seems tired of it, and pops Black hard in the corner, instead of giving a clean break.

[Silkk drags Black out of the corner, and kicks him square in the gut. Silkk turns and shoots off the ropes. He comes firing back, and connects with a deadly kick to the temple of Black, sending him crumbling to the mat. Silkks pins...]




Archer: James Silkk has definitely picked up the pace here.

Raines: He saw the opportunity and took it! Now he is in complete control. We're nearing a quarter of the way through the match and is still fresh.

Archer: Indeed it appears James Silkk had a plan, and stuck to it, and now it is paying off.

[Silkk pulls Black to his feet, then dumps him uncerimoniously to the outside. Elijah Blacks body makes a splat sound as it his the floor. Black gets to his feet, a little dazed, but James Silkk puts him right back down with a baseball sliding dropkick. Silkk ducks under the bottom rope, and stands on the apron, waiting for Elijah Black to climb to his feet. As Black stands up, James Silkk comes flying down with a knee smash to the face, dropping TSWF's star.]

45:00 Remaining
Silkk: 0
Black: 0

Archer: Devestating move by James Silkk, driving his knee into the face of Elijah Black.

Raines: He could have knocked him out right there partner.

[James Silkk teases a nearby front row fan, as Black lies at his feet. Silkk grabs Black by the head and pulls him up to his feet. Silkk smashes Elijah Blacks face into the steel guardrail. Black stumbles away, creating space, while covering his face with his hand. Silkk follows Black around ringside, and grabs him by the arm, whipping him towards the guardrail. Elijah is resiliant by countering and sending Silkk into the guardrail. Silkk crashes into the steel, back first.]

Archer: Elijah Black showing some fight here.

Raines: He hasn't been able to get any offense in since James Silkk rocked him in the corner.

[Elijah Black comes running at Silkk and leaps into the air with a big Stinger Splash. James Silkk scurries out of the way just in the nick of time and Black falls ribs first onto the hard steel guardrail.]

Archer: Oh no! James Silkk gets out of the way and Black crashes into the steel.

Raines: Black may have cracked a rib Frank.

[Elijah Black dangles over the guardrail until James Silkk pulls him down and rolls him into the ring. James Silkk follows Black in. James Silkk stands behind Black, and takes down Black with a Backstabber but lands it lower than usual, putting his knees, into the lower back/rib area. Elijah Black rolls around obviously in intense pain. James Silkk rolls Black over and pins him.]




Raines: And there is it! Silkk connects with the Atavist, and he's up one early on.

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, the first fall is awarded to "The Abstract" James Silkk!

41:34 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 0

Archer: Elijah Black just has not been able to get things going. It has been all James Silkk here.

[Elijah Black rolls out of the ring, getting a much needed time out. Silkk takes his time going out to the floor to Black. As soon as Silkk gets out there, Elijah Black sneaks back into the ring.]

40:00 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 0

[James Silkk seems almost amused by it, and slowly climbs into the ring. By the time Silkk is in, Elijah Black has rolled all the way across the ring, and out to the floor again.]

Raines: Smart move here by Elijah Black. Giving himself A LOT of time to get his shit together.

Archer: Still plenty of time left in the match. Nothing wrong with taking a minute or two to make sure you're ok.

[James Silkk goes to the outside and gets a hold of Elijah Black, but Black slips back into the ring once again. Silkk looks more upset now. He's tired of the game he's being forced to play, and climbs through the ropes with a quicker pace this time around. Silkk takes one step and Black climbs to his feet and connects with a sudden Superkick, seemingly knocking James Silkk out cold!]

Archer: WOW! What a Superkick!

Raines: Amazing act of desperation by Elijah Black. Can he follow up though?

[Elijah Black collapses as soon as he connected with the superkick, and couldn't follow up. He is moving though, and moving towards the down James Silkk. After what seems like an eternity, Black climbs on top of Silkk, and hooks the leg...]




Raines: Was that three?!?!

Archer: Referee John Monroe says two! Just two!

[Black simply rolls off of James Silkk. Silkk rolls towards the corner, using it to get to his feet. Silkk stumbles out of the corner and rocks Black with a right hand. But Black fires back with his own right hand. They connect back and forth with right hands, until Black starts getting the upper hand. Silkk swings wildly but Black ducks and runs, hitting the ropes. Black connects a big clothesline. Silkk is down, but bounces back up. Black connects another clothesline. When Silkk gets back up, Black shoots him off the ropes, then drops him with a calf kick.]

Archer: Elijah Black getting a second wind here.

Raines: It's his first real offense of the entire match, after the initial mat wrestling exhibition they put on there.

35:00 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 0

[Elijah Black is fired up and backs Silkk into the corner. He whips him across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle. He immediately follows Silkk and nails him with a big forearm. James Silkk drops to the mat, sitting, resting against the turnbuckle. Elijah Black turns, hits the ropes, and nearly takes Silkk's head off with a face wash. Black grabs Silkk's foot, and drags him out of the corner and pins...]




Archer: Near fall by Elijah Black.

Raines: Nasty move there. Caught Silkk right along the cheek.

[Elijah Black brings James Silkk to a vertical base. He rocks Silkk with shots to the head, then drops him with a suplex. Black steps out onto the apron and climbs the top rope. James Silkk is getting to his feet, but Black leaps off the top rope and connects a flying cross body. He hooks the leg!]




[Black is relentess as he stays on Silkk. He backs Silkk into the corner, then climbs the turnbuckle, mounting the PWX Champ, and starts nailing him with the traditional ten right hands. After eight though, Silkk lifts Black up, carrying him out of the corner, and drops him with an atomic drop. Silkk hits the ropes, and goes for a swinging neckbreaker. Black shoves him off however and shoves him face first into the turnbuckle. Silkk stumbles backwards and Black hooks him up in a pumphandle slam setup. He powers James Silkk up, then brings him down with an impressive Pumphandle Gutbuster! Silkk stays up, but is in severe pain, doubled over, and dropped to a knee. Elijah Black follows up with a Shinig WIzard!]

Raines: Burakkusuta!

Archer: That's what Elijah Black calls his devestating version of the Shining Wizard!

Raines: There's the pin!




Archer: We're all even at one now!

Keith Williams: This fall is awarded to Elijah Black!

30:00 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 1

Raines: It's the half way point!

Archer: We are half way to crowning our first UWL World Heavyweight Champion! And we are tied at one fall a peice.

[Elijah Black takes some time out himself to collect his breath. Almost as if the adrenaline rush was over. Once he has collected his breath, Elijah Black walks over to James Silkk, who grabs the waistband of Black's tights, and pulls him forward, sending Black to the floor.]

Archer: Notice after both falls, the man that just got pinned has used a desperate, yet smart tactic to create space, and time for themselves.

Raines: These are smart wrestlers partner.

Archer: They are also determined. They still have just under thirty minutes left.

[Elijah Black is back on his feet, alittle shaken up after being dumped on his head to the floor. He rolls back into the ring and grabs Silkk. James Silkk was playing posseum! He rolls Elijah Black up with a schoolboy!]




[Both men scurry to their feet. Black is a step quicker though and connects a Discus Lariat. Black takes a deep breath, realizing he was close to a slip up.]

Raines: Close call there.

Archer: James Silkk is always thinking. Always looking for that quick pinfall.

[Elijah Black lifts Silkk to a vertical base, clobbering him with stiff shots, then locks Silkk up and drops him with a snap suplex. He places Silkk into the perfect position, then turns to the corner, grabbing the turnbuckle. He leaps, and connects with Black Skies (split-legged moonsault). The impact causes Black to take some time before pinning, but eventuall he does so.]




[Black sits Silkk up and latches on a rear chin lock.]

Archer: Looks like Elijah Black is going to take some time off the clock, just wearing Silkk down, while not really exerting any energy himself.

Raines: Sound strategy. This late into the match, both men will start getting winded. Anytime you can wear your opponent down, while you get to save energy at the same time is an excellent move.

[After a few moments, Silkk begins the rough fight back to his feet, and turns it into a side head lock. Silkk follows up with an elbow to the gut. A second. A third. Soon, Silkk is free, and turns to hit the ropes. Upon returning, Black is ready for him and connects a stiff boot to the gut. Black takes a step back, then lunges forward and uses the hair of James Silkk for extra torque to execute an impressive neckbreaker.]

Archer: Did he just use Silkk's hair?

Raines: He sure did. The whip on the move was extraordinary.

[Elijah Black brings an obviously worn down James Silkk to his feet, and backs him into the corner. He gets the crowd involved with a Knife-Edge chop, as the arena errupts into a 'WOOO.' It's almost like this wakes Silkk up, as he grabs Black by the head, and switches positions with him, putting Black into the corner. He delivers his own chop. Then a second. Black reverses and connects a chop. Then a second. Silkk counters yet again, and fires off multiple shots. Black ends this chopfest with a well timed uppercut, rocking Silkk. He puts Silkk into the corner, and steps back. Black charges forward and connects a spear, pinning Silkk deep into the turnbuckle.]

25:00 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 1

[Somehow Silkk stumbles out of the corner. It's pure instinct though, as it's obvious he has no idea where he is. Meanwhile, Black is behind him and takes him down with a bulldog. Black hooks the leg...]




Raines: Wow I thought that would have gotten a pin right there.

Archer: James Silkk is in serious trouble right here. He is taking a beating, and just looks drained.

Raines: If he's not careful he could go down a few falls here.

[Elijah Black locks in another weardown hold, and appears a little frustrated. He isn't focused and allows Silkk to get to his feet. The PWX Champ breaks free and hits the ropes, but on the return, Black catches him with a sleeper hold. Silkk, already beaten and bruised will go down quick, but somehow finds a counter and connects a jawbreaker. Silkk hustles to his feet and charges at Black, but Black is ready and connects a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. He keeps Silkk on his feet, then takes him down with a Russian Legsweep.]

Archer: Elijah Black is very impressive right now. Showing just how well rounded he is.

Raines: And he's trying another pinfall!




Raines: Theres the three!!

Archer: It was just a matter of time. Elijah Black was in complete control.

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, this fall is awarded to Elijah Black!

21:13 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 2

[Elijah Black wastes no time in pinning again, but Silkk kicks out. Silkk retreats to the corner but Black stays on him. He pulls him to the center of the ring. He appears to be going for a suplex, but the super tough James Silkk blocks it, and to everyone's amazement takes Black down with his own suplex.]

20:00 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 2

[Both men are down, but Black is first to his feet. Perhaps he's not clear headed and he exits to the apron to climb the top rope. James Silkk is up though and catches Black helpless on the top rope with a big forearm, causing Black to straddle the turnbuckle. Silkk climbs up to meet Black at the turnbuckle, and doesn't give Black time to think about it, and explodes with a HUGE superplex. Both men crash to the mat, as the crowd pops for the thunderous impact.]

Raines: We're under 20 minutes to go Frank!

Archer: I'm not sure they can make it to the sixty minute mark. Twenty minutes is a long time in the world of professional wrestling. It's longer than the average match!

Raines: And they both seem motionless.

[Referee John Monroe checks on both men, but since a double countout would do absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, he doesn't start a ten count.]

Raines: Now what?

Archer: I'm not sure Mac. Listen to this crowd though!

[A "This Is Awesome" chant breaks out, as the crowd shows their respect to these phenomenal athletes.]

Raines: Boy wouldn't it be so WCW of us to have Damien Vincent come out right now and pin both men?...

Archer: Mac?!?!?!

Raines: What?

Archer: You can't say that!

Raines: Oh shut up. It's not going to happen.... Is it?

[Luckily we are NOT WCW and there is no sign of Damien Vincent. There is however sign of life in the ring as both men start to stir. Ever so slowly they both climb to their feet, and exchange right hands, none of which have a lot of fire behind them. Black swings wildly, and Silkk ducks it. Black spins around, off balance, and Silkk hooks him into a Half Nelson, then falls back with a Dragon Suplex.]

Archer: Oh my goodness! Elijah Black just landed right on the back of his head!

15:00 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 2

[Silkk, too tired to bridge the suplex missed out on a golden opportunity to even the match. Black is trying to get to his feet, literally pulling himself up with the ropes. As soon as he is standing, Silkk is behind him and latches on, connecting a German Suplex... And doesn't let go...]

Raines: Oh no...

Archer: Going for the trifecta!

[Silkk brings Black to his feet, and drops him for the second German Suplex. Silkk wants the third, but Black, possibly with the last bit of stamina left, blocks and connects an elbow to the head. He elbows again, but Silkk ducks, causing Black to spin. Face to face now, Silkk explodes with a Belly to Belly Suplex. He pins!]




[Silkk can't believe that Black kicked out, but stays determined. He rocks Black with European Uppercuts, then kicks Black in the gut and drops him with a dangerous DDT. Elijah Black is planted on the top of his skull. James Silkk rolls him over and pins!]




Archer: Another kickout!!

Raines: For the first time in the match, James Silkk is against the clock.

Archer: We're closing in on ten minutes remaining!

[Silkk has a look of confusion on his face. He takes a deep breath and climbs to his feet, awaiting for Black to get up. Black does eventually rise to his feet and Silkk goes for the Superkick. Black catches his foot though! Black spins Silkk, making him do a full 180, then lunges forward with a clothesline. Silkk ducks and catches Black, dropping him with a Flatliner. Silkk shoots the half, and pins Elijah Black!]




Raines: Are you kidding me?!

Archer: Another outstanding move by James Silkk! Another nearfall. Another great escape by Elijah Black! And another opportunity taken away for Silkk.

10:00 Remaining
Silkk: 1
Black: 2

Raines: And look at that Frankie! Ten minutes remaining!

[Silkk can't believe his luck, but lifts Black's dead weight then slams him with a scoop slam. He points to the corner, getting the crowd to rise to their feet. James Silkk climbs the top rope, but with his back to Black. He stands tall on the top and the crowd gets excited, realizing what Silkk is doing.]

Raines: He's going for a moonsault! A fucking moonsault!

[Silkk leaps, looking ever so graceful, flipping in mid air. Unfortunately, Black sees the beautiful move and gets his knees up and Silkk crashes hard, ribs first. Any and all air in Silkk's body is gone, and Black manages to get to his feet and runs to the ropes, springing off and connected a kick to the side of Silkk's head! Elijah Black hooks the leg!]




Archer: If that would have been three, Black could have coasted to victory.

Raines: Good point partner. With Silkk down now though, and that clock always ticking, we may see Elijah Black play defense here soon.

[Black picks Silkk up and connects a snapmare, then runs off the ropes and connects a sliding dropkick. He doesn't go for a pin however and takes his time, perhaps thinking on the same level as Mac Raines. James Silkk climbs to his feet but is met by Elijah Black. Black backs him into the corner, then Irish whips Silkk across the ring and hard into the other corner. Black follows and flies through the air with a forearm smash. He doesn't allow Silkk to fall to the mat, but instead keeps him standing in the corner. Black whips Silkk back across the ring and poses before following. He flies again, but this time Silkk moves out of the way and Black flies right into the turnbuckle. He staggers out and Silkk hooks him up for an Unprettier. Black slides out, and goes for a back suplex. Silkk lands on his feet though, and throws Black into the ropes, then connects with a roaring elbow!]

Raines: BOOM!!!

Archer: Silkk calls that "Seeing Stars!"

[Black is out cold and an exhausted James Silkk barely drags him away from the ropes and falls on top of him...]




Keith Williams: That fall ties up the score and is awarded to James Silkk!

5:48 Remaining
Silkk: 2
Black: 2

Archer: All tied up!

Raines: This is an instant classic Frankie! Absolute instant fucking classic!

[Both men are lying on the mat. Neither can follow up, and look to lay there to collect their energry and strength.]

5:00 Remaining
Silkk: 2
Black: 2

Raines: Getting down to the Nitty Gritty! RIP Gorilla Monsoon!

[Both men are trying to get up, and get to one knee. That's good enough! They start exchanging right hands again!]

Archer: Look at this Mac. Absolutely exhausted, and tired. They can't even stand up, but they continue to fight. 55 minutes into this match and they are still going.

Raines: All for the right to become the first UWL World Champion!

Archer: And we are less than five minutes away from crowning that champion.

[They continue punching, each trying to stand up. Finally, Silkk does get to his feet, and rocks Black. Black counters with a Goldust like uppercut to the jaw, allowing him to get to his feet. He gets up and runs towards the PWX Champion. He ducks a clothesline. Black hits the ropes, and comes back, ducking another clothesline. Now Silkk is running too. They both hit the ropes and meet in the middle of the ring, and both leave their feet, colliding in mid air.]

Archer: Oh my goodness! They were both thinking of a cross body, and just collided into each other.

Raines: That looked like a car crash Frank.

4:00 Remaining
Silkk: 2
Black: 2

[After several seconds, both are up to their feet. Silkk grabs Black by the head, but Black pulls out a small package...]




[Both men are back up, and Silkk goes behind Black, and rolls him up...]




Archer: Now they both are searching for that quick pinfall as time is slipping away.

[Both worthy men climb to their feet, and Silkk sends Black to the ropes and ducks a little early. Elijah Black spots that and leaps over, pulling Silkk down with a sunset flip. Silkk rolls through though and stands up, and connects with a nasty kick to the head. Black looks out of it and James Silkk makes the pin!]




3:00 Remaining
Silkk: 2
Black: 2

Raines: This is insane Frank!

[Silkk doesn't seem upset. Instead, he stands up, and waits for Black to get up. Once Elijah is up, Silkk trips him up, and looks to lock in a Liontamer. Black is able to prevent it, and kicks Silkk off of him. Black is quick to his feet and lifts Silkk up, looking for Dead Like You. Silkk is able to slide off Black and takes him down, applying a Crossface!]

Archer: Crossface! Will Elijah Black tap out this late into the match?!?

Raines: If he does, it's over.

[Black rolls out, impressively, then connects a back kick to the gut of Silkk.He drops Silkk with a snap suplex.]

2:00 Remaining
Silkk: 2
Black: 2


Archer: We are coming to the conclusion of the match now! And Elijah Black is looking to go high risk again!

[Elijah Black looks for another Black Skies (split legged moonsault), but Silkk rolls out of the way, causing Black to hit nothing but the canvas. Now it's Silkk turn to go to the top. He awes the entire arena as he flips multiple times with a 450 Splash. Elijah Black is out of the way though! James Silkk, again one step ahead, somehow lands on his feet, but seems to have landed awkwardly, possibly tweaking his ankle. He kneels down, obviously in pain.]

Archer: James Silkk has really injured that ankle.

Raines: Looks like he can't put any pressure on it.

[James Silkk ignores the pain though, and sees Elijah Black coming in full steam. Silkk manages to side step Black, sending him out of control into the corner. Black shakes the cobwebs, and turns right into a Superkick.... Well what would have been a Superkick. Silkk tried planting on the hurt ankle, and simply could not do it.]

1:00 Remaining
Silkk: 2
Black: 2

[Black flinches, preparing himself for the kick, but realizes Silkk's ankle is hurt. He seizes the opportunity and grabs the hurt ankle. Silkk is doing everything he can to fight it, and not let Black take him to the mat.]

Archer: If Black gets Silkk down, its over folks.

[Black is relentless, and DOES take Silkk over and applies an Ankle Lock!

Raines: It's an ankle lock! With less than a minute to go!

Archer: Silkk's ankle may already be broken! And now Elijah Black's attemping to finish the job!

Raines: Can Silkk hang on?

Archer: We are all tied up with 2 falls a peice. Under a minute to go!

[The pain on Silkk's face is heartwrenching. Silkk is trying to ride out the time.]

Raines: How much time?! How much time?!

30 seconds Remaining
Silkk: 2
Black: 2

[Silkk is biting his own hand, doing whatever it takes not to tap out!]

Archer: Silkk is trying to survive and take this into overtime!

Raines: Oh my God! This is torture! I can't watch!

[The crowd is standing, watching Elijah Black try to break Silkk's ankle, and check the clock. Then it happens! With just ten seconds left James Silkk taps out! The crowd is shocked as referee John Monroe calls for the bell.]

Raines: He tapped!

10 seconds Remaining
Silkk: 2
Black: 3

Archer: He couldn't take it anymore!

Raines: That tells you what kind of pain Silkk was in. He felt even ten more seconds was too much to take. That ankle may be actually broken now.

[Elijah Black just releases the foot of Silkk, and collapses to a sitting position, and leans on the bottom rope, down right exhausted as the clock counts down...]

Raines: THREE.... TWO... ONE.... ITS OVER!

Silkk: 2
Black: 3

[The final bell sounds and the ref raises the arm of Elijah Black. Black, too tired to even stand stays leaning on the bottom rope, as James Silkk is rolling around in serious pain. "Smash The Control Machine" plays as Referee John Monroe awards the UWL World Championship to Elijah Black, then immediately turns his attention to the injured James Silkk.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen... here is your winner... and new UWL World Heavyweight Champion..... ELIIIJAHHHH BLLLLLAACCCCKKKK!!!

Archer: What a match!

Raines: Elijah Black can barely lift the title! He's tired. I'm tired. These fans look tired!

Archer: Well ladies and gentlemen, that will do it for UWL Wrestlefest. Where do we go from here?

[Elijah Black manages to roll out of the ring, and hold the UWL World Title as we fade to a black.]

Writing Credits
Wrestlefest Opening: Kevin Hill
Corella/Gordon Segment: Leon Corella
Match One: Kevin Hill
Jason Aries segment: Jason Aries
Match Two: Kevin Hill
James Silkk Segment: James Silkk
Match Three: Alex Morgan
Match Four: Kevin Hill
"The Biz" Segment: Shaun Sindelman
Match Five: Shaun Sindelman
Elijah Black Seg & Prime Seg: Kevin Hill
Match Six: Kevin Hill
TSWF Champs Segment: Kevin Hill
Main Event: Kevin Hill