My First Memories of Pro Wrestling

This is the first of many chapters in a blog I'm calling "Pet Peeves of eWrestling." We all have them. I'm sure things I do are pet peeves of yours. And that's ok. Before I dive into this thing, if I describe something you do, or in a way you, yourself, please know I am not out to offend you. I am not even referring to any one specific person, except in a situation here or there, and even then, it's not an insult, more an example of my point.

If you are reading this and are a part of the UWL, and again I inadvertantly offend you with this, I apologize. Again, I'm not attacking you, your character, your roleplays, or anything. Just simply stating things I see in eFedding.

Now, let's get to chapter one.

No Regular Wrestlers

The first thing I notice, in basically every eFed I've ever been a part of, it's this. It's hard to say it's my biggest pet peeve, because I certainly understand why no one does this. Go look at a random, or even your eFed's roster page. I'm sure 95% of the wrestlers are under one of these catagories:
Goofy character
Hardcore Wrestler
Complete Knockoff
Rich Heel
All Around indy style guy

Have I just describe everyone yet? Good. That's the point. Notice one kind I didn't put on that list? Generic Good Guy.

Why don't we see more of these guys? They are needed in pro wrestling, just like they are needed in eWrestling. Now if your character is well established in the eFed he is in, then this obviously isn't a good fit for you. This is referring more to the new characters in the eFed.

Occassionally WWE hypes guys before their debut, and those guys, unless it's a flop (hello Tensai) are pushed immediately. But the majority of wrestlers get no hype, they just show up, have their opening match, and try to make a name for themselves. And that's the way it should be.

The system should be the same for eWrestling. Unless you have a deal set up with the fedhead, your character shouldn't be this spectacular star right off the bat. This is especially true for rookie or new characters. The new young 22 year old kid shouldn't already have this elaborant gimmick that you saw in the indys, or do insane moves.

I feel any new character should start as a generic wrestler, earning his stripes (also giving the handler a chance to get accustomed to the character) and then come up with a gimmick for them.

This is my problem with Indy Wrestling, but that's another topic for another day.

I've seen characters that are dark, depressing guys. Yet they are these snarky heels that say the most clever thing. They are also either 220 pounds, or 350.... yet the moveset is the same regardless. I'm all for big men being quick and able to leave their feet. But they should never do corkscrews or Shooting Star Presses.

I'm all for regular sized guys being strong, but not for them doing triple powerbombs, followed up by an Argentine Rack, finished with an Anacoda Vice.

And what is up with all these indy moves? I get it, your character is well versed, but, just like how I feel about indy wrestling, most of these moves are just flat out dumb and unnecessary. And since you can't actually see these moves done in eFedding (this is writing afterall) is it a must that your character does it in a very specific way?

Now I admit, I've commited this crime in my days. I haven't seriously roleplayed in five years, but when I did, I did the things I've described above. I would create a character, with no real deep backstory behind him, yet hes a technical wizard like Mr Perfect or something. Looking back, I realised it doesn't make sense.

And that's the problem. I think that due to this being 'fantasy' and on the internet, we use it as an escape from real life. And there is absolutely no problem with that. The problem is when you use that as an excuse to make things unrealistic, because 'hey its not real anyways!'

This is one hobby that brings out the competitive nature in people, which is what made me stick with it. I'm competitive. But it's also a hobby without patience. We gotta be the cool guy right away. My make believe character has it all, from the beginning. Why? Because I can.

I get why we do this though. Since this isn't our 'job' we can create these legendary wrestlers, instead of a generic one. There's no real point in starting from the beginning and building the career. I get it. Like I said, I've done this too. I just wish others would see the problem with it too.

I have seen the generic guy here and there, but it's usually the fedhead just making a jobber character. The closest thing I see to 'generic guy' is Boston guy or Philly guy. Just a tough little guy that's had to fight for himself his entire life. And the character never really grows past that.

Next time you feel like creating a new character, take my advice. Be random generic Joe Schmoe. Give it a shot. You will have to invest a little more time and patience into building the career, but who knows, that may make it more enjoyable for you to write the roleplays for your character if you know you are literally starting from scratch. The momen you get your first win, your first feud. When your character develops and grows into a gimmick. The first title win. To me that would make everything much more special.

That's it for now. Be sure to check out the next Pet Peeves... entitled Bad Ass Bitches!